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  1. Very good review for new SC players, indeed! Solid game and very fun, again!! Their remarks for the fleet losses are kinda odd, I didn't see that at all. I tried 4 games now to do a Sealion and it never even REMOTELY works. Ofcourse, this is on the highest difficulty settings, maybe they didn't set it that high. Also, I do find it kinda odd that they pay so much attention to the different other scenarios, I always thought that everyone only played the long one, but apparently not!
  2. Nope, still gives the error... Mailed to webmaster, I guess he won't mind taking an order Txs for reply though.
  3. I played the demo, liked the game, want to order... But when I press the "ORDER" buttton (which seems to be the reasonable thing to do when you want to order the game, no ?) it gives a "page not found" error. It tries to go to web page Any help greatly appreciated, TJ
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