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Poll: Damaged Warnings

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It strikes me that it would very easy to "fix" this, if the forum is in wide agreement, like maybe even it could make it into the patch(!?):

With warnings on, if the battle is at all crazed, (often enough!) my screen gets filled up with "warnings" about damaged buildings, which don't concern me, and eliminated enemies, which also don't concern me...

I'm only interested in adverse conditions of my own troops and weapons! When the numbers get big it can really be impossible to see anything... What sayest thou, O forum?


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Actually, I did propose an idea of making the "Show unit Labels" (Shift-G) command have several levels, kind of like the paths/targets toggle.

1) Everything, like it is now.

2) Everything aside from eliminated units.

3) Just live unit status labels (eg, paniced, pinned, routed, low ammo).

Redwolf also had a very good idea--add the Tired and Exhausted labels to the status stuff.


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