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Modern US 1st ID Mod

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I am working on a modern mod for 1st Infantry Division US Army so I can recreate battles fought during Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is a screenshot of my work in progress. What do you all think?



BTW, I am having problems with a line appearing above the barrel of the M-16. Does anyone know how to fix it and why it happens?

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J4D, what do you think about it?

As someone modding in the Pacific and vietnam theater of war using the CM regulations I think that M1A1´s idea of a Combat Mission for a modern military conflict there is quite potential in generating small scale battles between Iraqi and US forces. M1A1, do you already have an idea how to represent your name´s armoured pedant in CM?

This "line appearing above the barrel of the M-16" is a sole bitmap, which can be changed by a full violet bmp of the same size. For CMBO there was such a mod. Otherwise you also can raise the M-16 in the bitmap a little bit.

The CMAK time-range gives you a lot of possibilities for example to generate different states/stages of the (enduring) campaign, and so different uniforms during that time (e.g. the airborne troops in northern iraq at the beginning of the campaign without their desert equipment).

I am impressed.

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This is the one that I did with Andrew's LW straps


I have the CMBO battle Bagdad 2003 and I converted it to CMAK. In the BO version Rob used Pershings. I had to use Easy 8s. In my Lebanon tutorial I used Churchill XIs but they are slow.

(There is a CMBO DFDR battle in WWII Lebanon with Vichy and Brits FWIW)

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Originally posted by Pzman:

Some aspects of some guns (like on the Stern SMG) are hard coded. That is why you will see lines, or sticks like that.

Actually, this is not hardcoded, but a shared BMP (#1901 for SMG's, #1990 for rifles) that's supposed to be the top for all small arms. It doesn't look too good, but if you 'remove' it you'll indeed find the Stengun to be without its clip.

If you'd use a rifle model as basis for this mod you could make #1990 all pink and you'd not see the line.

Hope this helps,


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