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A little bit pleased with CMAK


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Gee, the 'a little disappointed' thread got locked (thanks Seanachai, you fellating gnome!) so I thought this might be a good way to avoid KwazyDog, the Lockmeister Admin Gnome from further attacks.

You've got one hell of a track record for locking up excessive Pengs, Kwazy! (they deserved it, Wankers) and Cheery Waffles (they deserved it too, Maggots) as well as queries about what it takes to deserve a lock-up (off with their heads, Peasants!!)

So here's the official thread to say Oh What A Lovely War is CMAK!

Spiffing. Simply Spiffing So Far. CMAK!

Or, to use CMAK initials

Clobbering Military Aficionados' Konceptions!

But seriously, folks. I think your CMAK demos are right up there with the excellent CMBO demos of Day One. It would be wonderfully refreshing if someone from CM Headquarters-land says "yes, we really did deservedly cop a bucketing for our hopeless CMBB demos – sorry!" And that same person can take a bow for the excellent CMAK demos, while they're at it.

But, I am afraid to say that philosophically I agree with the general thrust of Minnesotan Seanachai's very rude remarks... I'd much rather military playability and accuracy over wanky eye-candy any day.

But please, be positive, because the LockMeister lurks!

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I'm a little bit please with CMAK too... but to my horror I don't find it as fun as I used to.

I haven't played CM for a while, and now when I played the CMAK demo, it felt... different. Not that it's something wrong with CMAK compared to CMBB, I would feel the same thing playing that. It just doesn't grip me as it used to do.

It's not about the graphics (although I've said on numerous occations that I want "flashier" gfx) or the lack of a campaign part (god knows I want one, excel sheets can only go so far).

It's the damn borg spotting. It just ruins it for me. I really hope (and think) this is the number one thing BFC will improve for the next engine. When I see 4 buttoned up tanks suddenly and simultaniously target my hidden unit, the realism jumps out the window, and I get pissed.

I know, we've all gone over this before, but now after not playing the game for some time, it really gets to me.

That being said, I will still buy CMAK. It's only around $40 this time, the dollar is cheap(ish) and even though I might not play the game as much as I've played BO and BB, I still want to support the people at BFC.

PS: after typing so much without saying anything usefull, how about a small request for CMX2? It's in the "totally useless, but kinda cool" department... Add a turning sound when turrets rotates. That would be neat.


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But seriously, folks. I think your CMAK demos are right up there with the excellent CMBO demos of Day One.
Uh, better than BB's, not as good as BO's. The problem with the CMAK demos is that the maps are one half to one third the proper size. I guess BFC felt that 95mb was a big enough download, I understand, but it reduces tactical options. In LOD, for example, there appears to be only a single strategy for the Allies: send the inf thru the bloody woods.

Nevertheless, I'm certain that once it's released, CMAK will be the flagship of the line. It looks smashing.

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