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HQ for Spotting for Mortars

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Good day,

I am really new to CM but what I have seen it is a very interesting game...I am playing CM Afrika Corps and when I was doing the tutorial I got stuck in a detail that annoys me and dont know if I am doing the right thing.. The tutorial sends the HQ jeep and the mortars together at the base of the hill.. Then the tutorial explains that you have to move your HQ slightly to the top to the hill to see the enemy AA and MG and hide it. Then you have to unhide it and use the mortars with indirect fire. Here comes my two questions:

1.- Is it any way to show the altitude information of the terrain. I ask because in the tutorial, maybe due to game graphics it is very difficult to see the base or top of the hill because it has a very small slope..So you dont understand where exactly where to put your units ( the only way is lowering the camera which is very annoying ).

2.- Related to number one..when I use HQ to spot the enemy to use mortars,the infantry or enemy truck always see my HQ and began firing to them..I mean I put HQ in possition, unhide it and tell the mortars to fire..when I end the turn and press play as my mortars fire, the enemy sees my HQ and fire at it..I think it is obvious because if I can see them, they can see me...but I also think that in the middle of the desert it isnt so easy to see a man spotting the enemy...What am I doing wrong?..I tried a lot of spots for placing my HQ and always happens the same..Thanks

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Specifically regarding the tutorial, you will notice, if you look carefully, that there is a patch of "rocky" terrain.

Put the HQ there and he will be safe.

Regarding the grid terrain, it is very helpful but for fine tuning you still need to lower the camera (which in my opinion is just fine, makes you work for your cover instead of having a gamey LOS tool).


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If you follow the sticky thread to MZO at the top of the CM Barbarossa to Berlin forum you will find a small , but beautifully formed site -- enough of that.

If you have a look around , I think in the Strategy bit POS has posted some great graphics showing spotting distances for various terrain. And other good bits too. You could also practice at the War College!!

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