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  1. hello one and all I for one think bigger is better... not in CMAK but you will have to go a long way to beat the sov ISU-152... Never seen it pen armor on larger tanks but if it hits.... Just poor out what's left of the crew and if it's a miss still looks good...Good old HE
  2. hello One and all seems to be a mixed bag... I tend to go for a med to large map but with small points... from 500 to 1000 no more I aim to have the main fight in the centre and small flags on ind house's or feature's a little way out this gives room to out flank etc you can not beat a platoon each side with transport and poss armor supp one tank can swing the whole battle but so can one bazooka...
  3. arm's and leg's run or in the cat's limp as he only has three legs and his name is tripod... How is that for a family pet... (Think he lost it in Korea stepped on a mouse mine but he never talks about it) And thanks for the wish's Michael hope to have the cast of next week... Work still wants me to go to OZ after christmas so jumping in front of that bus was a waste of time.. will have to find a better excuse Take Care All Yours The Dyslexic,Nigerian,One Armed Poster'
  4. Well thanks for the help... being dislexic and one arm in plaster made a bit of a diff i guess forgot me are not all perfic dislexic rules ko... back to the question do you know why its so expensive...
  5. Gday... I would guess this has been a topic b4 i tend to play small QB or 500-750 pt games is there a good reason that allied art is sooo expensive for the cost of a lot of it i could have a couple of 25 pounders or my own Batt of 3inch morters or a forest of 2 inch guess you know what i mean i have had CMAK etc for quite a while just never got round to asking after playing a chap who had 4 loads of art and inf to back him up made hell of a mess of my carriers and i beleave he paid about 39 pts for each spotter late italy any ideas to put an old guys mind to rest Cheers
  6. Gday.... Now that is a Q i to would like some idea on ? all i can say if you have two tiles of woods deep it will mask armor as for infantry i find i get best results being about half a tile from the tree line this would seem to allow your troops to hide if spotted and after a min or so fire against them stops if to close to the tree line the fire carrys on this is just me dare say some nice people here will give you a better idea happy hunting
  7. hello people found it under topic Topic: Is it a bird... is it a plane... NO its a Bren Carrier... couple of sites have fun
  8. while looking for sites on carriers i found this one seems to good not to share web page take a look some good info was sure i have seen a pedistal mounted bren on a uni carrier and one with a morter pos 3" did do a topic on this a while ago but lost info when i moved have fun all
  9. thanks people and i must be lame i have decided to include all three copys in my hand luggage better safe than sorry...
  10. Gday i pile as many troops as i can then rush them to a tree line or some type of cover saves walking tend to use them as a battle taxi for Hev weapons etc............ or in desert zig zag them towards the objective and get your infantry to advance through the dust much better than smoke need at least four for a good cloud.....
  11. rather a lame Q have been told a few things non seem to give what i need..... Will my Euro copys of CMAK CMBB CMBO work in OZ as i will be going for a about three years with work and do not have the heart to leave it behind.... does this make me CM mad or just plain loopy (not taking my own computer if that helps)
  12. I guess what i was trying to say small scale actions are my thing.... wife telling me to get of pc missed a whole line out of post...
  13. I have been playing CM for over a year now and still find it hard to get into a game of 500pts or 1000.... alot of people will say thats lame i have to admit i do like a small game company strength at a max with a small amount or tank support... perhaps its from the days of my youth playing sqd leader or painting 1/72 figs etc most of the time i read of large battles and got thinking is it just me who likes the smaller battles your views please...
  14. Hello one and all While on the topic of surrenderd troops i can understand troops getting back to there own due to the ebband flow of the battle...but as for walking around with no weapons ? i know its a game but many troops remanned A/T guns or took the place of wounded its a shame you can not re crew an abandoned gun... i can understand a knocked out gun is us but you do get abandoned equipment as well... happy hunting..
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