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  1. Well, if you're after a single player campaign, there's none better that Robert Oleson's: http://www.roqc.cdgroup.org/
  2. German Intelligence Services. Having almost all of their assets in Britain caught right as the war started and then having half of them turned against them... just an example of their ineptitude, especially when highlighted by the brilliant British Intelligence Service.
  3. More like an enema... get rid of the old Peng threads, (or even the current ones, but that's heresy ), then we'll have a lean and mean board, full of tactics and scenario discussions and ... maybe not... THG
  4. Nice one, Gautrek, on the way to my PC near me. Thanks, THG
  5. Well, while we're on the topic of women fighting in WWII, I was telling a friend of mine who lives in Australia about the interesting decsription of the Maori batallion's battles. He then told me that while travelling to NZ, he heard stories of the heroism of Maori women in WWII battles. I conducted a brief search of this but could find no mention of Maori women fighting for NZ in the war. Does anyone know if this is true?
  6. Myself, I would be quite happy with the ability to view a movie of the entire game, with FOW on or off for both sides. Think of AARs and of learning for newbs like me. just my 2c... THG
  7. Well, this is taken from RobO's Campaign Private - Soldato Corporal - Caporale 2nd louie - Sottotenente 1st louie - Tenente Captain - Capitano Major - Maggiore Lieutenant Colonel - Tenente Colonnello Colonel - Colonnello THG
  8. Specifically regarding the tutorial, you will notice, if you look carefully, that there is a patch of "rocky" terrain. Put the HQ there and he will be safe. Regarding the grid terrain, it is very helpful but for fine tuning you still need to lower the camera (which in my opinion is just fine, makes you work for your cover instead of having a gamey LOS tool). THG
  9. I am a great fan of AT riflemen. The Brit ATR has 100 ammo in a regular QB too, BTW. However, I would not rush to conclude that they are more valuable than a sniper. An ATR will not even tickle most medium tanks while a sniper, killing an unbuttoned TC will all but disable the tank... In addition, snipers cause suppression effects far stronger than an ATR, just try suppressing an HMG with both and see which works better. Cheers
  10. Come on mates, give the guy a break. He posted a bad link to a site he found interesting and wanted to share with you all. So what?!!! Hell, if I was subjected to this level of derision every time I made a bug at work (must be thousands by now), then I would have no money for CM, having spent it all on psychological treatment to bolster my self worth Cheers!
  11. To quote Anthony Eden (who himself was paraphrasing Churchill, after 20,000 Italians, with 200 guns and 120 tanks surrendered to 3000 Brits while trying to evacuate Benghazi): "Never has so much been surrendered, by so many, to so few."
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately for me, the campaign in question is brits v. italians in e.africa, so no armor for me but I'll try to put the infantry advice to good use, especially about massing before attack and not trying too many attack axes and the like. Thanks.
  13. While I agree to the many problems in night combat modelling, I'm afraid I have no choice but to play a night QB. This is due to the fact I am playing inside a campaign and the current mission calls for a night raid. So, I am up to the challenge and would appreciate any help on this. Thanks
  14. Hi, I ran a search on night fighting tactics and found only one with some information. It still left many unanswered questions and I would appreciate any advice on these. 1. How to use overwatch at night, this is very problematic due to the short LOS. Also relevant for dusty operations, etc. 2. How to perform useful recon. It seems that recon elements are very vulnerable given the limited ability to support them, plus they seem to garner less information, i.e. many more sound contacts at night that would be full IDs at day. Thanks in advance.
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