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World War 2 casualties

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Originally posted by hurtzDonut:

405,500 KIA, 671,750 wounded accourding to Encarta

here is the link

I don't know if they are "good" or valid or realistic statics but they are COMPLETE for all nations and it lists civilian dead and KIA and Wounded and POWs

here is the link



Russia took the biggest beating that chart only shows them at 7.7 million civilian deaths and about 13 million KIA

I had thought their total deaths altogether (civilian and KIA) where close to 26 million (but I may be mistaken)

-tom w

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Somewhere on this interweb thingy is a pdf of a post war report compiled by the US Army, listing all cas, of all types. It's broken down in a number of ways, including by theatre, and month. I've had a rummage for it, but can't find it :rolleyes: Maybe someone else recalss it, and its location?

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The Australian War Memorial database has statistics that differ from the MSN encata ones in some degree.

WWII casualty statistics

The Australia War Memorial has 39,000 Australia combat personel deaths - including both combat and non-combat caused - while Encata has 23,000.

Australian Military Statistics WWI & WWII

Based on the Australian War Memorial's figures - how reliable I don't know - you get combined military & civilian deaths per 1000 of population....

UK = 7.7

USA = 3.2

France = 14.9

USSR = 128.8

Poland = 182.4

Canada = 3.5

South Africa = 0.9

New Zealand = 7.6

India = 0.1

China = 34.2

Japan = 29.5

Italy = 6.6

Australia = 5.8

Germany = 71.8



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actually the Russian losses are quite contraversial-after the war and as is with such things they took the lowest most reasonable figure which stood at 20 million. Also the Russian government went to great lengths to disguise their actual losses-today the widely accpeted figures among military historians ranges from 35-55 million dead in Russia.

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Heh, that Encarta chart has some "interesting" stuff... according to it, Finnish army's peak strength in WW2 was 250,000 and it lost 79,000 dead and 250,000 wounded. Quite a casualty rate for such a small army... actually 250 thousand men in arms corresponds with the Winter War 1939-40 (ironically however Finland is listed as an Axis nation) while the casualties listed are those of 1939-1944. The actual peak strength of Finnish army was somewhere around 700 thousand. And I think it was more like 200 thousand wounded in total...

Finnish civilian casualties have also been neglected by Bill Gates.

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Russian figures are also complicated by the number of non strictly combat related deaths during and in the period following the war. Lives lost in a variety of stalinist purges, camps, exiles starvations etc. are varringly listed as anywhere between 25% and 100% of more directly combat and displacement related fatalities.

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