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  1. Thanks for the responses all. Good point MajorH. I'll try using the DTRPs combined with the infantry push. I know you can keep your eyes in the right area, and by using the right force levels it should be achievable. It's just so painfully slow out there in the open...just waiting for the plentiful OPFOR arty to fall! The situation is by no means unique, and a light force commander would have to deal with the same challenge in many different situations.
  2. After some searching on the forum and re-reading the manual, I cannot find a definitive way to target an area w/o visible/spotted units in it. The posts from 1999ish cover some Q&A by MajorH on the subject, but I couldn't determine a final answer. How do I suppress units that I KNOW are in a certain area with direct fire weapons? It's terribly frustrating to have access to a whole slew of light units with direct fire ability (Read: HMMVWs and an Air Assault Btn) that can't shoot a known target area and instead end up being ground down to nothing. How do we get the bad guys to kee
  3. The manual states that AFVs do have blind spots modeled on the game at close ranges and outside their frontal arc. I do wish they could be used, both live and dead, as cover. The "follow" command could be tweaked to allow close escorting infantry in MOUT conditions. Since vehicles can cause collision issues for other vehicles, it seems that "full cover" versions have to be in the future of the game. On BO vs BB/AK...the simple act of better command an control (like covered arcs, advance and move to contact commands and shoot & scoot) makes BB/AK a hands down improvement over BO. F
  4. Our team for a (supposedly) upcoming campaign game did up a series along these lines. We set up battles with German infantry company assault, German armored platoon maneuver, German AT ambush, Italian Armored company and an artillery training scenario. The battles are useful, but the critical area is the briefing, not the battle itself. A well-written brief is critical to the "teaching" value of the battle. The fight is the fun part, but can't really extol the virtues of this tactic or that. It just serves to provide examples of the lesson described in the briefing. The only other chall
  5. re: location: I understand that clear LOS is a must, but what about proximity? Does having a Flak vehicle nearby matter, or is a nice, open field (away from the action) serve me better? My quad flak seems to have trouble tracking and getting shots on target. I have kept it within, say 300m of it's "protectees." If I had parked it in a field, but farther away, would I have been better off?
  6. Amen! If edges are so much of a bother, then make them tactically useless in the time alloted. Make it too far to try and actually run an end around within your 30 turns. (or whatever length) The best fights I've had are ones that the important postitions are not locked into who controls a map edge. Good map design makes a big difference, big or small.
  7. The key is to isolate, isolate, isolate. Pick apart the network one element at a time if you can. Terrain is best, of course. Find the spot that only one AT bunker can see. Or create that keyhole with smoke. If the terrain is unfavorable, you are in for a rough time, no matter how you cut it. Mines, wire, trenched and impenetrable flat terrain (rough) make things even more complicated. They don't call it countermobility for nothing, I suppose... If you have indirect smoke, get some in front of the AT bunkers long enough to get defilade on one or more: get outside their fire arcs and you ca
  8. Or you take the hit in accuracy and fling them toward a known map location. Your FO can shoot at anything on the map...the question is just how accurately.
  9. Sanok: check the unit details screen. The size is listed along with transport class: none, team, squad. Vossiewulf: the unit is probably a non-radio FO...meaning he has phone cables to keep in contact. They are slow afoot and cannot embark on anything, due to the cables back to the battery. [ June 15, 2004, 05:26 PM: Message edited by: Spotless ]
  10. Dust grog!!!! ROFLMAO! Again, it seems we are on the "it ain't perfect, but darnit if we don't love it anyway" argument again. Does the wind setting affect how long dust clouds linger? Do they "drift?" I haven't noticed it, but that's only from being fresh to the desert campaigns, and being in Russia so long.
  11. The 'clock' is how long it takes YOUR troops to figure out that a vehicle is KO'd, not necessarily how long it take the crew to bail. It represents the difficulty in knowing a vehicle is out of the fight w/o a giveaway like catastrophic ammunition fires, etc. Picking live tanks apart from dead ones is tough if they haven't had something like a fire or other obvious effect. This is the reason your gunners put 2-5 extra shots into vehicles that are actually already "Knocked Out." As mentioned, playing in hot seat mode will show you the difference between what your gunners and troops tell you
  12. Simple solution: Don't play QBs. Play historical or semi-historical fights with accurate OOBs and you avoid completely the "cherry picking" argument all together. Face realistic tactical challenges and enjoy your game. And leave off the crowd that wants to play with the imperfect point models and worthless random maps and perfect weather conditions. JasonC, you are right to not want to play what you consider an unbalanced game, but if you consider anything BUT PzIVs cheating, you certainly live up to your sig. Yes, players who seek gamey solutions shouldn't be bothered with, so why play 'em
  13. Perhaps the site can institute a "reward system" for reviews. Provide X number of quality AARs (reviewed by said site) on our user friendly online form that captures all relevant information, and get access to our top-reviewed scenarios. You could give basic access for registering, get automated secure access after 10 or so reviews, and premium access after 5 reviews read by the site operators or their designate editors. (to encourage useful feedback, not just filler) In other words, players will push quality work into a secure area where players who are conscientious of feedback are allowe
  14. A.E.B. that is an interesting look at the stats: not the overall number, but a percentage of population committed to the battle. It shows what a sacrifice some smaller nations made for the war.
  15. Upon further searching, I have yet to find photos of the 88s in action whilst on wheels. However, I did answer one question: the wheels on this mount detach, and the gun is lowered onto it's legs for firing. You can see the dismounted wheels on this page. The interesting quote from this was: Unlimbering the gun... I have seen a few artistic renditions or models that show the two side arms swung out and lowered to the ground while the wheel carriages are still on, like this. However, I would like to see the video mentioned to confirm it. I gather that the "Bait and Switch" was th
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