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* New Mod - Improved US tank crew! *


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I decided I didn't like the look of the mid- and late-war US tank crews, which depicted them wearing Winter Combat ("Tanker") jackets which--unlike their real-life waist-length versions--were way too long, and gave the impression that crews were wearing Dad's too-big sweater or something. I followed the same model when making my original US mods.

This new version corrects that inaccuracy and adds winter versions.


It's not that difficult to get them out of their tanks to take a screenshot, but it is pretty tough to keep them from hugging dirt!

Only at The CM Mod Database.

I'm also revisiting the German crew uniforms. Here's a preview:


And here's an screenie of the updated Commonwealth crew uniforms that I didn't posted when I uploaded them:


It's a regular crew-o-rama! tongue.gif

And for those who are about to ask: yes, I am wrapping up the SPW 251/9 mod. I'll post here when it's ready. smile.gif

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Originally posted by David I:


While your modding the German Tank Crews could you please give us a Luftwaffe Black M-43 cap, and maybe a better LW black side cap than the one I pieced together? ;)


I think that can be arranged. I've found it difficult to get the Luftwaffe eagle on the M43 cap due to the odd distortion of the texture at the top of the cap, so it'll probably just be a renumbered Heer cap, so I hope you can live with that smile.gif

The sidecap's an easy one.

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1. OK you win. I'll hold my breath on the 251/9 (at least for another month, and then I'll torture you yet again). tongue.gif

2. I had the same problem with the black LW M-43 cap. Then again I was just cutting & pasting and not creating original artwork like you, Oh Genius One. :D I have already renumbered a Heer Pz M-43. OK but not great.

3. Did you get a chance to look at my HG Panzer mod for CMBB? I hope I did your work justice. :rolleyes:

David I

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