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*** New mod Panther D Early italian camo ***


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Keep churning them out.

Ahem... your Herman Goering Pz. Division insigna is a little off. You apparently have a Luft eagle over a red diamond with a white circle which would designate a HG Korps unit, indeed, with the eagle, a HG Korps Staff unit. The Korps wasn't established until Late Oct. 1944 in Poland. The proper insigna for the HG Division, specifically the HG Pz Regiment would be a white circle with a black hour hand pointing to the company number. Since the battalion with the Panthers was the 1st Battalion, the clock could be shown pointing to 1, 2, 3 or 4 o'clock possitions.

See Panzer Colors III, pages 76 and 77 for a complete markings Sheet for the HG Regiment, then Brigade, then Division and finally Korps.


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Hi David,

I'm pretty sure your right ;)

Indeed I ahd a few problem finding out the insignia for HG ( I found a few ones ) :

I probably overlooked the time period this insignia was related too :eek:

If you have somewhere the correct one I'm interested in correcting the mod :cool:

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Should look like this:




Now I just used MS Paint to do this, so the circles look more like stop signs, and I chose 3rd Kompanie, 1st Abtielung, HG Panzer Regt. because it was easier to draw. Remember for a Panther in the HG it would be companies 1 through 4. The clock arm should go from center of cirle to outer edge, for some reason the front picture does not show that, although it looks just fine in game.

Hope this helps.


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