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You might want to take a look in here http://raz-cm.byethost15.com/ .Like others i miss the old Scenario Depot,so i decided to do something about it.I already uploaded the bb/ak scenarios/operations salvaged at cmmos,but if you have other files you'd want to share with the rest of us,please feel free to add them to my database.

[ November 10, 2005, 11:26 AM: Message edited by: raz_atoth ]

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Awww, Ya beat me to it...

Have been working on a web site also along those lines in my spare time, trying to teach myself .NET & ASP while doing it. The hardest part right now is finding the time to devote to doing it, between work and family life. So if I do come online sometime way down in the future, don't be offended, as I am using this project as a teaching tool for myself, as well as supplying a service for the community out there...


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Originally posted by raz_atoth:

I won't be offended BirdGunner!The more sites devoted on hosting cm files,the better. smile.gif

That's good - I was going to ask you/the community how they wanted to handle this - as you may or may not know, I've been working on The Scenario Depot II (TSDII) for some time now. Yes, too long - but it's almost ready actually, but if we have an unofficial "offical" place to download scenarios, then I'd just hold onto my code just in case it's ever needed. But, if you have no problem with it, then I'll go ahead and get it finished and online.
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I knew GJK had a project in the works, and from what I understood in the discussions, he would be just taking any new scenario's but not loading the old files that I had salvaged from the Scenario Depot.... My idea was to create a site that would only host the old salvaged files that I have from the Depot. This would let GJK carry on with both the Proving Grounds and the simple transfer of completed scenarios over to his new depot.

So GJK go for it, bring your site on... waiting with anticipation.

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