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  1. A slight correction to what Ian has already said. The collected data is public and not restricted only to members. For example,you can find the data for H2H-Breackout here: http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/Combat-Mission-x2/H2H---Breakout/action=scenario_details&sid=38&ladder=16 Raz.
  2. Well,i managed to get a tactical victory out of this one,too.But,agreed,it was a though nut to crack ,especially the stug.
  3. Yeah.Unfortunately i managed to get one tank immobilized in a mine field,so,for all practical purposes,that tank is as well as lost. I guess i'll just have to see how i'll do without it.
  4. Gentlemen,in case you are interested,i'm writing an AAR on theblitz.org based on this campaign. You can see it here: http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=61275 Please excuse the possible spelling errors,i'm not a native English speaker. I guess you'll find it entertaining none the less. Raz.
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