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  1. It's an internal parameter(1-10) used to determine the scoring,when a game is reported. In a nutshell,the bigger the scenario is, the bigger the SM is. You can have a look here: SM Tables ,if you're interested in the specifics.
  2. You might find opponents here for MG: http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/forumdisplay.php?fid=221
  3. I think this means 2.01 saved games/pbem can be played using 2.10, not that playing between an opponent who uses 2.01 and one who has 2.10 is possible.
  4. I was under the impression you have a total of 3 activations available,iregardless of the machine from where you activate it. I would be happy to stand corrected, but i believe the trick with reactivating MG over and over again won't work. No more than 3 times that is
  5. Let me see if i got it straight. You reran the installer and now you are able to play both MG and v 2.00 without having to reactivate MG every time you launch 2.00? Is this correct?
  6. I just purchased and installed MG, but in order to be able to finish my 2.00 pbem games i first copied the contents of the CM folder to a different location, then applied MG to the original one. The issue is every time i start the 2.00 version,then switch back to MG, the activation for MG vanishes. I can start the game just fine,at the bottom of the screen it says v 2.10, but the MG blue icon isn't there and the MG battles/campaigns are greyed out. Anyone encountering this as well? Any idea what the fix - if any - might be?
  7. A slight correction to what Ian has already said. The collected data is public and not restricted only to members. For example,you can find the data for H2H-Breackout here: http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/Combat-Mission-x2/H2H---Breakout/action=scenario_details&sid=38&ladder=16 Raz.
  8. You can have a look here,if you still need opponents: http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/forumdisplay.php?fid=221
  9. Greetings gentlemen, The Blitz is proud to announce the creation of "Bootcampers Breakout'" program on the Combat Mission:Battle for Normandy ladder. The idea behind this program is to match up new players against experienced players, so that all new players (bootcampers) will get a good start in trying to understand the basics of playing CMBN through the use of training and experience from fellow Blitz Members. While you participate in the program, none of the games played will count as ladder games. They are played for training purposes only, so you won't have to worry about winning
  10. Can someone,please tell me if the 'Battle size' param. of the scenarios has the same value as in CMBN? Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge? I assume,given the hardware limitations, either only tiny/small/medium(?) scenarios are supported or a medium battle,for example,in CMT is actually smaller in scale than in CMBN? Also,are quick battles supported?Or are there any plans to include them in the next game updates? Thanks, Raz.
  11. Greetings gents, I'm planning to add a CM:Touch ladder at theblitz.org ,but since i don't own an Ipad i will have to rely on your advices for settling some details. First thing first. I'm perfectly aware CM:Touch is not CMBN,but how similar are they? Similar enough for the Cm:Touch ladder to be integrated in the CMBN ladder? Or the game it's different enough to have it's own ladder? Regards, Raz.
  12. Phil,i believe you're talking about different temp files. More specific about the temp files created in the 'Outgoing Email' folder when,for whatever reason, the pbem file couldn't be saved under the name it should have been (because,for example,a file with the same name already exists). These are not the same temp files as the ones which seem to be associated with crashes. Those temp files are created in the root folder of CMBN and their filenames are 'tempfile' or 'tempfile c.tmp'.
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