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  1. 1. Check 2. Double Check 3. Check Ok ready and willing...ehhh
  2. some screens from the past few weeks of the campaign material
  3. I like the way the Defensive and the Front 'lines' flow.... looks like a little tweaking going on...
  4. From Colonel Nosov's March on Germany - 'Walkiing the Line'
  5. Hey kohlenklau, I've been following all these from afar... great freakin stuff man... If you need a extra foot soldier let me know.. Keep up the great work...
  6. Coming Soon - Colonel Nosov's March on Germany - an 18 scenario campaign for CMRT (Allies vs AI). All battles are in playtest or AI Tweaking mode, every scenario will have at least three AI plans... Core Units are as follows: 22nd Motorized Rifle Brigade HQ - Lt. Col. Nosov 2IC - Major Bebchuk Tank Plt. HQ - Capt Yeltson 1 Co Hq - 2nd Lt. Lachkov 2 Co HQ - 2nd Lt. Obolensky 3 Co HQ - 2nd Lt. Repin MG Co HQ - 2nd Lt. Ruchkin Mortar Bat HQ - 2nd Lt. Dudnik 4th Bat HQ - 2nd Lt. Arshavin Scenarios basically contain a company from above with attachments, I would say mo
  7. I have a CW Campaign in the works that is 8-10 battles that I will release as a Battle Pack/Campaign - it name is 'Shimi's March' -based on the 1st Special Service Brigades landings at La Breche west of Ouistreham to the fighting along the ridges near Le Plein. Expect it in February... I dont believe the H2H Campaign works.... You could take the Sie Kommen Battle Pack which is designed for H2H and just follow the flow of the campaign. The flowchart is in the handbook or also at my website... You can play either the Axis or Allies campaign, downloads for all my stuff is now at The Few Good
  8. Looks like some good action this round (with the Commanders of units in action picking their OOB's to fight with, should lead to an unpredictable outcome).... plus I have noticed that there is a Reporter with daily posting from the front and even Propaganda Leaflets and Berlin Betty posting information to both sides...
  9. Well up to now we have over 35 members involved... early battles have started with the influx of landing parties happening shortly... A big thanks to Bootie and all the members who are making this a huge success... there are still some openings... so stop by and check'er out...
  10. You do not need the CW module, but that might limit you to what battles you can participate in... Noob's are welcome, and how ya going to get good if you dont play... Also this is a long term campaign, as it will cover all the modules, and hopefully the next releases BFC has mentioned in games (Bulge, Eastern Front)... Shane will have to answer that as he has been the one working with all the maps and unit chits...etc
  11. For all that is interested... The Few Good Men is running a campaign that is the only one like it in the CMx2 Wargaming Community... FGM Operation Overlord... Overview With a layer above the standard battalion level fighting with CMBN and 'all' its modules (including future and potential Bulge and Eastern Front Games), Operation Overlord is designed to recreate the fighting starting with the invasion of Fortress Europe by the Allies... and run through the end of the war... A unqiue Unit overlay system utilizing regimental size units on a prototypical hex map is the core to the campai
  12. For one, all I can do is thank BFC for the module and the updates... Yes it was worth the wait, though I hope for the next module (Market Garden) the wait will be a wee bit shorter... I would like to thank the team, for addressing many of the issues that the user base has identified... as always BFC does an awesome job of this (even though there is a lot of bitchin...Schei├če Essen Sie alle) I have enjoyed numerous hours of entertainment and fun over the last 10 months and I am looking forward to another 10 years of development out of your fine team. and NO... I am not a fanboy... I ta
  13. Well I am not a beta tester, so when the Commonwealth module comes out, it will take a little bit to put up the force mixes, then play test, then play test somemore... so to answer your question... I DONT KNOW.... lol
  14. There will be a Allies vs AI, Axis vs AI, and a Battlepack for H2H play, very much along the same lines as Sie Kommen II...
  15. Its amazing after a 'few' games how the OP discovered all these problems, I have played a hundred games and not seen them all... Guess he read the threads before his first post bitch session, now that is irrealistic... Thanks Phil for all you do... A couple of things I have discovered... If I keep Squads split up in houses, a Team per floor or such, my casualties go way down... also you can hide one, run the other out of the house and then leave the hidden one for a ambush. The point about Green vs Crack troops cannot be over-expressed in importance, I have taken scenarios during the
  16. I have a finished map of Pegasus Bridge along with Ouistreham, Ranville and 7 others along the Orne River... all part of a campaign called Shimi's March... now to get my hands on that new module... lol
  17. Yes, but some RL issues for my opponent has slowed things down for a few weeks... Hope to be back on it soon...
  18. display.txt in the root folder should have in 1st line 0 0 0 Which will default to destop size
  19. Turn 24-23 - Continued This is just a little sequence of events that I thought was funny during the battle with 3rd Platoon entering the town... A GI runs around the corner... He runs right by two truppen who turn to fire Scratch another GI..... but wait Just then another GI comes around the corner... This time my two truppen can't get him, I hope they were out of ammo, or they will be shot after the battle...
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