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CM comicstrip # 6

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Originally posted by dieseltaylor:

Name? Matilda if it had been a girl Churchill for a boy!?????? I don't recommend naming him after a Russian tank though.

A russian tank? Why not? Klimenti Voroshilov does sound pretty strong to me. Or perhaps something German? Wirbelwind?

My wife might have a more conventional name suggestion in mind though and she usually (always) gets what she wants...

Buzy times ahead but I think I can commit to the one cartoon a week promise that I made as I'll be spending the most of my time with our three year old daughter. Luckily she goes to sleep at nine o'clock in the evening so that leaves me time to play CM and perhaps to make some cartoons. Let's see how the little guy settles in when he arrives at Casa De La Nietzsche...

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