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  1. I would up the points for later in the war so as to keep the number of vehicle the same as in the earlier years. :-)
  2. Thanx for your advice, dt. :-) I was thinking about banning the cats. I know that Matildas can be very hard to KO in 1941 as well. Another idea I read was that tanks can be only purchased in platoons and that at least two different types MUST be purchased with a third type allowed if desired. This may preclude the use of cats anyway.
  3. The question relates to formulating params for a small QB tourney in which three Armour Only battles are to be played, one each in the years 1941, 1943 an 1945. Around 1,500 points would be fine. :-)
  4. I can't find any 'balanced forces' guidelines for CMAK. Are the any available?
  5. Does anyone have a scenario/map that depicts the failed attack by Rommel on April 14, 1941? There is a further failed attack by Rommel a few weeks later on Ras el Medauuar, a hill to the south west of Tobruk. Is there a scenario based on this attack? Thanx. :-)
  6. Sorry Mark, about the duplicated post. I was having some internet connection problems and thought I hadn't correctly initiated the post and pressed the button again. I asked the administrator to delete it for me but he was unable to do so. I'll go back and change it so that it's not a repeat.
  7. Oops, I accidentally hit the post button twice which caused a double posting to occur. Sorry about that, Chief. I subsequently edited out the original message. [ July 04, 2007, 01:33 AM: Message edited by: Muso57 ]
  8. I'm one of those taking part in this weekend. Much thanx and salutations to the wonderful gibbo. I'm looking forward to the weekend with gusto. There are seven of us so far, all We Band of Brothers Members. If any of you are interested in joining the Mighty BoB (it's a great CM gaming club) here's the link: http://webandofbrothers.de/index.htm Take a squiz at the Message Board to see the latest happenings. As a member since 2003 I can highly recommend the BoB. Seizure in Canberra!!
  9. Thanx, Mark. I've re-sent the offending attachment with the setting changed to "MIME". Oh, Red-wolf, sorry to leave you out. I did send it to the TA who received it and forwarded it onto my opponent. There has been no response to any of these and other eems from my opponent as yet.
  10. Thanx, Mark for your reply. Yes, I have been a member here since Aug, '03, not as long as you (Dec '99), I grant and not as many posts either!! (11 to 777). To answer your questions, I use Eudora and BinHex. Which is the correct one for me to use?"
  11. I'm a Mac user and the PBEM files I'm sending to my non-Mac using opponent are not appearing in the eems I send him. I have used Zipped and un-Zipped files without success. Any ideas? Thanx.
  12. Congratulations, Nietzsche. I think that your cartoonin' and gamin' time will be somewhat reduced for a little while.
  13. Fantastically funny! All of them! I was introduced to them at the BoB. I look forward to the upcoming weekly installments.
  14. I wondered whether the CM gaming clubs of the world may wish to compete against each other to raise the most money for the tsunami victims. Therefore, I invite you to join in the CM Clubs Tsunami Challenge! http://p201.ezboard.com/bcmgamingclubstsunamichallenge58984 Please join me in support of the world's compassionate outreach
  15. From the answers so far here and in the Tech Support Forum, it appears that neither the Mac nor non-Mac platforms will be able to utilise the creative genius of all those secenario designers work from CMBO,BB and AK. It's a real big pity but that's the way it is folks. However, the good news is that CMX2 it is going to be very different, which I hope is code for much better.
  16. CM2 Designers, my questions relate to the abiility of OS9 BO,BB and AK scenarios to be translated into the new CM2 format. As you know OSX cannot run CM. The new Mac G5s cannot run OS9. Therefore it would be a sad loss for Mac users if CM2 cannot access all of the great work accumulated over the years when they upgrade, as I surely will, to a G5.
  17. As a Mac user wanting to upgrade to OSX, will CM2 be backward compatable with CM1 scenarios?
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