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Yet Another "Is This Beauty In The Game" Thread


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You are kidding right?

This would be another example of a truly fine example of British armor that had a long history of use in the field of battle. Of course it should be in...

"Some of the medium tanks developped in the twenties survived until World War II. They were restricted to training role but some were used as fixed defense posts, as in Tobruk in June 1942"

So it was used dug in, can't say I would want to have spent any time in it.

"Was designed for hot climates, but proved to have problems when sent to Africa. Some were fitted with panels of asbestos to help reduce the heat inside the tank but proved ineffectual. At the start of the war it was used mostly for training. Some used in Western Desert Forces at Mersa Matruh and Tobruk (1940-41)."

Given the rarity of these, I wouldn't expect to see them.

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I recall reading combat accounts involving those tanks in an ancient issue of "AFV News". Or maybe they were just 'deployment to Egypt' accounts. Anyway, I was rather hoping to see them in the game just for the giggle factor. But no, unless they're restricted to a particular month I haven't looked at yet I don't think they're in the game. But if you crave thin-skinned 2 pounder armed beasties they've given you a laundry list of Cruiser tanks to play with!

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