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Another arty question: bunkers

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Well, I haven't tried since CMBO so no surety here. But you are going to have to chuck heavy stuff at it and lots of it. Or use up so much luck that it would be better to unsubscribe to any lotteries forever. smile.gif

IMHO not really worth it, unles there is absolutly no other way. Late war I really miss ATRs. Zooks/piats/shrecks need to get so close you might as well move a squad up behind it. :(

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I only remember taking out a wooden bunker once, with arty, and that was with a direct rocket hit...blew the sucker up. But it was in the open steppe.

My suspicion is that they will get protection in trees as the air burst should lessen the chance of a direct hit on the roof.

I have zero data to back up this suspicion.

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None whatsoever, unless you have some heavy duty stuff (rockets, 150+ guns) AND you are lucky enough to get a direct hit.

And when you do have such heavy stuff, it comes expensive and in short supply, so it's not worth wasting against a bunker in the odd hope that it will blow.

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Originally posted by GreenAsJade:

How do wooden bunkers fair under arty fire?

Do they benefit or suffer from being in woods?

(I guess I'm asking "if you are expecting arty, should you hide your wooden bunkers in the woods, or keep them in the clear?)



They don't get an advantage from being in woods. I don't think they are much harder to spot either, on the typical CM map you can see them anyway the moment a binocular unit stops in sight.
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Trenches and foxholes do of course protect from arty, the same way smallarms effects are lowered. There is also no such thing as a round landing in a trench and reaching the troops better.

Woods add to the effect of foxholes, in fact foxholes are pretty useless in the open, but not to that of trenches.

All these effects can be seen with the LOS tool and the firepower/exposure display.

Trenches are better placed in the open as there is no cover disadvantage and you don't have treebursts.

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