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Why do Sov tanks change points NOT rarity?

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Okay, I was doing some work on the SU122. I noticed that in the editor (where it displays rarity but does not alter the points by it) the SU122 is:

111 points Jan-Apr '43 (rare 50 - 100%)

112 points May-Dec '43 (rare 40 - 65%)

117 points Jan '44+ (rare 40 - 125%)

Okay, I understand possibly the first one because that's when HEAT ammo becomes available (just one point added?), but not the second one. I see absolutely nothing that changes here, but I checked it on a few other Soviet vehicles (including the captured Panther, which does not change points in German service), and all of them change points values between Dec'43 - Jan'44.


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Hmm, the platoon sizes change. Maybe it's an effort to keep the number of points the same per vehicle per platoon.

What I mean: (Su-122 again)

4 vehicle plt = 408 = 102 each (1944+)

2 vehicle plt = 206 = 103 each (1943-)

Maybe? Anybody?

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hmm. I'll check BRB.


Darn skippy. Both regulars, everything else identical. A single movement command takes 10 seconds in dec'43 and 7 seconds in Jan'44.

Why is that?


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Ammo is perfectly identical for all of the Panther's actual service career as reflected by CMBB.

(The actual point change is Feb - Mar '44.)

It dropped from 241 to 238. All of the other (German) Panthers keep the same points values throughout the career.

The Panther A stats page is identical (I checked at both dates to be sute). Maybe something with the nahverteidigungswaffe? Different HE, removal of smoke grenades? As the Panther G is not running yet I cannot compare the changes between it and the Panther A (e) against anyhting else, like the Nahv or the dual mag optics.


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Something better about the main gun performance in the later A model only? I figured that since it didn't effect the 3 earlier models that it must be something that changed on the A model, such as optics or the nahv. It seems if it is a chance in the main gun performance that it would effect the D model, etc.



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It's not by gun, it is by time. Certain ammo types are assumed to be more effective and at that time all vehicles mounting a gun firing that ammo get more expensive.

Another hidden parameter is steel brittleness, IIRC, and the deflection of angled shots based on whether it is face-hardened armor or not.

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Okay, I checked every peice of German armor that existed at any time during the war. The only ones that change in Feb to Mar '44 are The Panther A (late), both Panther G, and both Jagdpanther. To make this more confusing, they change different ammounts, and go both positive and negative.

Feb Mar

A(l) 241 238 = -3

G(e) 230 234 = +4

G(l) 245 238 = -7

JP(e) 241 250 = +9

JP(l) 238 250 = +12

I am even more confused now!

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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