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A conversion of Panzermartin's exquisite IIIJ to all the grey III's. Released with Panzermartin's kind permission.

Also, all poorly fitting parts that I could identify on the BFC textures have been corrected. Stowage boxes re-drawn for increased detail; cupolas on all models & driver's port on IIIF revised for historical accuracy.

In 3 packs:

Pack 1 - F, G, H, J Short

Pack 2 - J, J Late Short, J Late, L

Pack 3 - M, N, Hungarian IIIM, Romanian T3.

Pack 1 now available for download from www.cmmods.com.

Packs 2 & 3 to follow over the weekend.

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They look great. Time for some " home CMMOSing " ( these will be private use only; I wouldn't distribute them without your permission ).

Just did Packs 1&2 & the results are fantastic!!! Now I can keep Gordon's dunkelgrau ones & have yours as well.

Thanks for the great mods.

[ May 23, 2003, 09:26 PM: Message edited by: Rob Murray ]

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I just downloaded the packs and I saw that you have done a top notch work with the convertions.

You have combined very succesfully the various

bmps with no color mismatches which isnt easy to


Well done! smile.gif

Btw, if you want to go ahead with the PzIVg convertions, you have my permission to do so.

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Thanks guys. Your comments really are appreciated.Well it looks like I'm going to be busy. I will do the IV's but won't release them until they are all done..........so expect to wait about 6-8 weeks because I want them to be good. smile.gif

Now then, if Panzermartin were to do just a single Stug III in the same style........ ;)

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I " home CMMOS'ed " the whole batch this afternoon. Had a little trouble with the Hungarian IIIM ( no CMMOS file for it so I made one up - not bad for somebody who didn't know the first thing about CMMOS last week ). Anyway, the PzIII's look great. I know this is pushing it a bit but do you think you could whitewash them? thanks again for a great series of mods.

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