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  1. Hi Lingo, if offer is still available, my 260 could REALLY use an upgrade! Holding out on total system upgrade (2009 build), so 660 would be a great stopgap. Sending PM... Thx,
  2. RT for small battles, WEGO for larger ones. Always IRON. Yeah, IRON is tough. But so is the real deal. Battle is CHAOS. Funny thing is, if you TRY to remember to use GOOD tactics, you'll do OK (mostly). Keywords here are TRY TO REMEMBER. Too easy to forget and do silly/stupid/gamey stuff.... and get creamed....
  3. Looking forward to the next update....
  4. Dang. Would be nice to have these updated to act like walls in a future update...
  5. LOVE the concrete barriers in last pic. Game's looking great!
  6. In other words, play CMSF as BLUE for CMBS primer, and we should be OK. Except for all that new tech stuff.
  7. Bunch of ravenous hyenas - go read the manual - yes, from end-to-end. Might find a typo. Should keep you (us?) busy for at least a day. Or two....
  8. Or how 'bout the module with more... FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Ok, I'm done now. Maybe. No promises.....
  9. Hah! Still, it'd be interesting nonetheless (tactically) to have to operate conventional forces in a post-nuclear/chemical environment (I practiced enough MOPP ops in the 80's to still be curious how the hell this would play out in battle .....) Maybe BFC can push this 10+yrs out, once they've refined the engine enough to warrant such time and effort....
  10. Absolutely. Having your a$$ handed to you in CM is the best way to learn and appreciate the game. LEARNING is 1/2 the "fun" here!
  11. WHAT?!? We are at the mercy of the "Ghost in The Machine" (AI) BFC, please fix or.... well, y'know... the usual...
  12. Ugh. Hopefully these adjustments aren't too much of a programming nightmare. Who the hell fires single rounds, or even single bursts, of 25/30mm autocanon? It seems all the videos show multiple bursts when these weapons are used. Even Pzrldr stated "best practice" is to hold trigger until target burns. This isn't a day at the range, folks. Hopefully further adjustments can be made without any negative effects....
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