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  1. Yeah, OK, East Front. Thanks. But... FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! Where's the FIRE?!? :confused::confused::confused:
  2. This is kinda old, but may be useful: Wayback Machine for SD this is the 04/04/04 link from here: Wayback Machine results for SD Maybe the backup is more recent, but maybe not. Files are not there, but the text is. One could use a Website DL app (Sitesucker for Mac) and pull the html down, and it could then be worked locally. My .02 of assistance.
  3. I have (or had) an old CMBO arty spreadsheet that I got off some website. It had a bunch of arty data in it. I kinda remember something along the following: Small caliber smoke (under 100mm): 60-90 seconds duration Medium caliber smoke(100-149mm): 90-120 seconds Heavy caliber smoke(150mm+): 120-180 seconds I don't think any single smoke shell of any caliber will last more than 3 minutes. I have no idea where this spreadsheet is. Maybe I'll find it someday. If so, I'll post a link to it here, or start a new thread. Again, this was CMBO data, so I don't know how the current mode
  4. No, we all LOVE screenies. The more the better. We also love any excuse to crack a joke. It keeps things fun around here. And on a related note, I like to use FT teams just behind a inf squad or two in attack, or even defense. Keep him hidden w. a SHORT covered arc until you need his firepower. I've found the covering squad(s) usually does a decent job of protecting the FT team.
  5. KF - Thanks for the offer. You're a good man! I'm wanting to do all of the training scenarios from CMBO to CMAK. Heck, maybe even CMBB as well. Why not. They're good training. Specifically: "Grafenwohr" "Fire and Maneuver" I don't know the names of any of the other training scenarios, if there are any. I just sent you an email. Thanks again for the assistance!
  6. I'm wanting to convert some CMBO scenarios to CMAK. I found this utility: http://www.pyes-ct.de/mc.html But I need CMBO to export the maps. Well, I don't have CMBO anymore. Go figure. So, I'm wondering if this utility is a worthwhile app. If so, I'll grab another CMBO CD and start playing with it. Thanks,
  7. ...Never mind.... [ January 15, 2005, 09:37 PM: Message edited by: leakyD ]
  8. OK, I found the original at the scenario zone... "Grafenwohr" is the title. Thanks for the info, Philippe!
  9. Hi Philippe- Maybe it is Grafenwohr...heck, I really don't remember. That's how long it's been since I've played/seen it! I know it was a German training scenario at one of their traditional training areas. Infantry only over a large area vs. British inf & MGs. Thanks for the help....
  10. Can someone get me the name of the Hohenfeld German training scenario on the CMBO CD? I'm looking to see if there is a CMAK version of this, and well, I don't have CMBO anymore. Thanks!
  11. This scenario helped create my disdain for the desert part of CMAK. It is NOT Fun. If you give the AI no bonuses, you can FAST move most of your armor to low areas and then slowly move to volley fire on one gun at a time. With any AI bonuses, my tanks got wiped out before they could get to cover.
  12. In case yer wondering, the error I got for these .bmp's was: "Couldn't display "xxxxxx.bmp" because a suitable grapics importer could not be found."
  13. Actually, yes, this .exe has been recucitated from a CD that was crapping out. I had to repair the Rar .exe file so I could run the game. THAT may have something to do with it. But then, the .exe on my HD has not been tampered with. That being the case, does it matter whether I install the 1.03 patch or not? Oh, and the missing .bmp's are the Late model. FYI. [ November 29, 2004, 07:41 PM: Message edited by: leakyD ]
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