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Question to Herr Schoerner about his patch... : )

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I have just a question about your anticensorship patch v2 : Does your program load the "Combat Mission 2.exe" program ? I mean, it is recommanded to rename the exe program by "Barbarossa to Berlin.exe" in order to correctly connect the game with the CMMOS. So, if I install your patch, it won't found anything in my CMBB folder called "Combat Mission 2.exe"... Do you see ?

Anyway, maybe is it possible to create a shortcut called "Combat Mission 2" which would connect the patch with the game, but preserving the original "Barbaroosa to Berlin" name ? I'm not sure i'm am clear ! :rolleyes: By this way, I keep CMMOS recognize the game and can correctly launch your patch.

To summarize (I want to be understandable) : the game application need to be named as "Barbarossa to Berlin" : CMMOS can then localize it. But it seems that your patch need an application called CM2... So, what can I do ?


PS : Is "Combat Mission 2.exe" the correct spelling of the program, with spaces... ? :confused:

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for the anticensorshiploader the exe needs to be called CombatMission2.exe (isn't that the original name?; i think i choose the original name of the exe, when i programmed it).

Did i understand you correctly, CMMOS needs a "Barbarossa to Berlin.exe"? (can't remember and can't look).

And you already have only a B2B.exe?

If that's the case, just make a copy of the B2B.exe and rename it to CombatMission2.exe.

Then put both exe in your CMBB directory.

Your question regarding the shortcut: after installation of the loader, you'll find a shortcut in your startmenu. This shortcut refers to the loader.exe (when the loader is started, it looks in its own folder for a "CombatMission2" executable and starts it).

Did that help?

I think CMMOS just wants a file called Barbarossa to Berlin.exe but it doesn't really need the exe.

So if you want to save space, you could also try to create an empty text document and rename it to Barbarossa to Berlin.exe and look if CMMOS still works as it should.

But don't forget: the loader needs to find the CM2.exe in it's own directory.

[ February 18, 2003, 06:46 PM: Message edited by: Schoerner ]

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