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Ceasefire glitches

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curious to come across this topic now . . . .

Just went with a heavy partison force defending as the Russians last night in an epic TCP/IP. I was playing a seasoned veteran of CMBB, and much to his dismay, the (AI) initiated a premature cease-fire (and so a minor victory for me). This was after a long, protracted, serious battle of attrition, in which my morale was significantly lower than his.

I'm careful not to call it a bug because it seems there are always things to *learn* about CMBB which might prove the contrary, and there are a lot of factors that influence the score. I knocked out 4 halftracks, and 2 tanks. We were both very low on ammo. I held all but one victory flag, but in 1-2 more turns they would all have been contested (thus his frustration by the AI ceasefire).

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As the starter of this thread, you can edit the thread title. Why don't you change it to add something like: "BTS please respond" to the title then edit the first message to indicate that you've accumulated several instances of unwanted ceasefires in games. That might get BTS's attention to the problem.

Those of us who've had a problem could then send BTS some of our saved files for analysis of the potential bug.

Just a thought. ;)

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