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Selective Random Settings in QBs

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Something that would make the QBs even more useable (understand, I got no real complaints: totally hopelessly addicted to this game....) would be the ability to select certain elements of the QBs and then let the computer pick randomly from those selections.

For example, take Time: while I may not really care whether it is dawn, mid-day or dusk, I may really NOT want it to be night. It would be great to be able to put checks next to dawn, mid-day or dusk, but not check night; then let the computer choose from those.

This goes for many of the other selections, including force types, terrain conditions, map selection menus, etc.

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I would like this too. Especially when buying units. One could let the computer buy units, but out of the ones that you have selected. If both sides used computer buys, one could have say, various T34 tanks on one side and different PzIV models on the other. Or if you wanted to make sure only light arty spotters can be used, this would do it.

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