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Why Waffengrenadier?

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By law, it is illegal to display Nazi symbols (Swastikas, SS runes etc) for entertainment purposes, as which games count. Strangely enough, Novels, Movies and Magazines are allowed to display swastikas while Comics and Games are not.

The mere mentioning of the SS would be legal. There are enough games in which the SS is mentioned and no one cared. Using the SS runes as graphical symbol would be illegal.

CDV did more than it had to do.

Btw, do you have the anti-censorship loader? It is available at CMMODs.

Btw, "Waffengrenardier" was really an SS term. It was the description for foreign (mostly eastern european) SS formations. This term signalled that they were not "real" SS units.

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CDV version loads slower too
Obviously this will depend on the spec of yr PC.

I have the UK CDV version on a 2.6Ghz P4 and it load up to the main screen in 6 secs by clicking the mouse button when that damn annoying CDV logo shows or 12 secs if I just let it run.

I used to run CMBB on a 1Ghz Athalon and dont remember it being much slower.

Is there really that much difference with the US version ?

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The US version loads instantly.

The delay is from CDV's copy protection. You need both a fast CDROM drive for all the accesses it does (including fast bus, DMA turned on etc) and you need a fast CPU for the decryption.

Of course, the real argument against safedisk is that for a game which you might want to fire up in 10 years from now yo can never be sure to get compatible hardware anymore. They are violating the CD spec and right now every drive manufracturer is forced to support their operations due to market pressure. A few generations of copy protection schemes from now the requirements will be different or even incompatible.

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