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  1. I want captured 2-pdr Portees and Bren Carriers for the DAK. Kradschützenbattalion 15 (later II./PzGren Reg 104) had a Battery of them until El Alamein. Generally more captured stuff for both sides
  2. Hi Sofar my only printed source on North Africa is "die Wüstenfüchse" by Paul Carell (dont tell me who Carell is, I know he was a Nazi and propagandistic and so. I just got it secondhand and it was cheap). He mentions a rearguard action at Solluch by the remainder of Kradschützenbattalion 15 on 15th December 1941. Lt. Servas, the commander of the rest of the AT coy of the Battalion, has 3 so called "Selbstfahrlaffetten" (SP AT Guns) which Servas uses to destroy serveral british scout cars and to cover the retreat of the Kradschützen. What kind of vehicles are that? Carell calls them "british
  3. Hi, just got CMAK (CDV version) The german translation of scenarios and unit names is horrible. First Battlefront puts such a work in historical accuracy, the CDV ruins it all! There have been good translation/"WG" patches for CMBB, any plans for such a thing in CMAK? I can live with "WGs" in the Med (the SS isnt really that important as on the east front in CMBB) but the "Panzer Recon" (in german) and "HMG" and similar deadly sins have to be changed. I would even recommend changing the allied units into their original english designations. If somebody, Schörner or else, needs help, just
  4. By law, it is illegal to display Nazi symbols (Swastikas, SS runes etc) for entertainment purposes, as which games count. Strangely enough, Novels, Movies and Magazines are allowed to display swastikas while Comics and Games are not. The mere mentioning of the SS would be legal. There are enough games in which the SS is mentioned and no one cared. Using the SS runes as graphical symbol would be illegal. CDV did more than it had to do. Btw, do you have the anti-censorship loader? It is available at CMMODs. Btw, "Waffengrenardier" was really an SS term. It was the description for foreign
  5. Such a scratch force would be called "Alarmeinheit" (alert unit)
  6. Some people tell you that brave men dont matter in a modern war Here's the proof that heroes can still save the day: In B&T's "the collective" scenario my whole attack was stalled by a single russian SMG squad which had taken losses before. I only noticed that a whole platoon plus assorted engineers attacking that second collective farm building were mowed down. The battle ended in a draw. Russian version of the magnificent seven? [ March 13, 2003, 03:57 PM: Message edited by: AntEater ]
  7. btw, "Krad" is nothing specially WW2ish. The Bundeswehr still calls motorcycles like that. "Krad" or "Kräder" (pl.). Short form of "Kraftrad". I dont know why the military uses "Kraftrad" instead of the usual "Motorrad" for motorcycle.
  8. It's MPi, not MP for SMG. After 1944, the units should maybe be called "Panzeraufklärer" or so.
  9. I have the german version. mot recon could be "Kradschützen" all along, I think. Aufklärungs Battallion (MC) is on the buying screen, even in the german version. I think it means you buy a Kradschützen battalion (minus Motorcycles, of course). From what I have read, the Kradschützen units were often used as advance infantry and as tank riding infantry. Especially in Africa, but also on the east front. The motorcycles were just their means of transportation. for the MGs sMG and lMG (s and l small letters)
  10. That was something I wanted you to change as well. I am not sure which is which, but I think the recon battalions of ID (mot.) and Panzer Divisions were Kradschützen until 1943. At least those Aufklärung (MC) units should be changed (MC meaning Motorcycle, even in german version) Also, all those "SMG" and so still remaining in the german version. And "Panzerschützen" instead of "Panzer schützen"
  11. I stumbled across this article: http://www.panzer-modell.de/specials/munster-w2002/munster.htm in german, but the photos speak for themselves. The Panzermuseum Munster recieved a Tiger from Saumur (dont know if on loan or permanently) and puts it on display. For that, a folding road and a Büffel engineering tank had to be used. On the second page, the Sturmtiger, sofar on display in Sinsheim, arrives in Munster. I think I have to go there one day [ March 05, 2003, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: AntEater ]
  12. Hi; I'm not a tanker at all, but a ex sailor, but I found this:http://panzerlexikon.de/hinter/schuss.htm article firing procedures for german tanks in WW2. Unfortunately, it is in german, but since you guys are all based in germany, this might not be so much of a problem. Anyway, it went like this (example situation): "Lets assume there is only one enemy tank ahead. The driver spots it and reports that to the TC. He also estimates the range. The TC spots the target as well and estimates the range himself, he takes the middle number from his and the gunner's estimate. The gunner takes aim a
  13. :eek: Somebody spotted me! Well, FB is delayed (I have the beta, but I am fed up with its bugs) and RSColonel told me about CMBB. Suddenly I found myself interested in Army stuff, even though I tended to look down on the folks in green (as I was in the Navy) when I was in service. I allready annyoed RSColonel majorly in a PBEM (my immobilized Sherman 75 took out his Tiger with the first shot frontally). But honestly I was a little scared of this board (as I only understood half of what was posted) so I resorted to lurking. Due to Col.'s explanation and the FAQ, I know now what most of t
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