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Sad weekend no tank mods

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Yes a sad weekend without any tank mods being introduced. :( Maybe the modders don't know what else to do. :eek: Let's hope that's the case. :D And if it is the case I've got an idea for one that hasn't ever been done before as far as I know. I was reading in a recent book that the Germans had black tanks. Yes, it said black. They were referring to the 1943 period I believe and while they didn't come out and say how many or which type of tank was involved I was under the impression it could have been a Stug IIIF/8 and Stug IIIG ( early ). Anyway, even if I am wrong it sure would be nice to see these two tanks modded as they are the only ones that haven't been done yet. Would any of you modders be interested in doing them? I bet they would sure be used by us and I know by me. :D

Hey it's an idea. Just think a black Stug or hopefully Stugs :D . Sounds pretty neat to me. smile.gif It might also be very challenging to be able to produce a black tank that looked good detail wise also. Anybody?

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Not really a tank, but better than nothing. tongue.gif I thought the original CMBB Kübelwagen *sucked* mightily--and I can say that with impunity because I made it :D --so I decided to revisit it. I've retained maybe 10% of the old mod. The rest is all new and much better. Still a WIP but coming very soon to CMMods.com. smile.gif

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Hey Panzerman ever since reading it I have thought about it many times and I just think it would be neat to see one and since those two tanks I mentioned haven't been modded yet I thought here's an idea. And yeah I suppose they would be neat in night battles.

Thanks AndrewTF for the heads up and preview. That helps my twitching some. :D They look much improved over that crap we have now. Oh you did that, sorry. Did I say crap? I meant oh ......well you know? :D;) No really lookin forward to you finishing them for us. I really like the detail. Very clean and detailed. Thanks guy.

Whoa now, Nazi's. I'm not using no stinking Nazi vehicles. :D

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Awesome Kubel Andrew! :D

Now as for tank mods, and as a recent 'convert' to scratch/clean mods (get close up to MikeyD's IS2-with turret stripe- and be astonished)as opposed to dirty or anything else I would sorely love to see a scratch Grau PzIII, one of the common ones like a J or J Short - in a grau hue like Mikey's Stugs. Then I reckon I could make all the rest from it. This is really what I want to do. I simply can't get enough of them there PzIIIs. :D

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Originally posted by lcm1947:

OH I remember what I was going to say. I was going to thank Shadow about telling me about the black tanks at CMMOS. Thanks Shadow I will go and see it I can find them. Like do they say black tanks here?

i have just found them by accident

they are called


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Hey thanks gartrek for the exact mod I'll need to look for. Cool. Tools, this is nice why can't you post it as is? I mean some might like it as is - No?


Quoted by Fools4Tools

"I'm new and wondering...are there any real debates on this board??


You are new to this? Am I missing something here?

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Yep, you are missing something; this is a qoute by

"CDAWG", a troll that was around for a while. I found him actually quite amusing.

I have planned to release a monocolor variant as it is as well. So no worries.

There will be more options, partially missing skirts, turret numbers, German cross on turret skirts instead side skirts, etc.



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Originally posted by tools4fools:

Sure I will let you guys know. Sunday late night or Monday afternoon I guess. Depends on how drunk I will be on Saturday night...

Gautrek, is that this T-26 project beast of yours :D ?



Might be :D

Or then again maybe not.


I just need to sort out a few details and match up the grime.

What can i say but in my opinion its one of the best tanks from world war II.

It did exactly what it was designed for.IE support infantry.

It soaked up punishment and carried on doing its job.

And was modified to suit a wide range of jobs.From bridge laying to bunker busting.

And if CM2 is any good i expect to be able to play with all the differant variants of this tank.

Imagine a beach landing scene with a load of these funnies to play with. :cool:

[ September 26, 2003, 09:14 AM: Message edited by: gautrek ]

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