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I have a new CMBB data chart ready!!!

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I just finished a new chart. It shows, for all the Soviet/ German tanks in the game the % chance to hit a target at 200m, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, and 2000m. I also timed the rates of fire and got a pretty accurate average for each vehicle (on regular). I then computed the average time it will tank to hit a target (T-34/ PzIIIF) at the above ranges given accucacy at that range and rate of fire.

Hopefully you can open/ convert a Works spreadsheet!

You'll see the CMBB link at the top of my website. http://www.ww2steel.com

Let me know what you think and if you Excel users can open it (if not I'll put it into html). It took me forever to assemble, so hopefully you can use it! More coming!


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Excel 97 accepts Lotus- and Works-Sheets. Dunno about newer versions.

A standard format could be .csv. Most (All?) spreadsheet programs should accept these.

OTOH using files incompatible to excel would ultimately force MS to do sumfink about their compatibility issues.



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Yup, it should be working if my website ISP doesn't let me down. A friend of mine was just able to download and open the Excel version.

The next one I am working on already, but is understandable taking forever, is pitting all of the above vehicles into battles at preset ranges with me on one side then the other. That's 24 tanks per side. I then keep score of who wins at what range.

See ya,


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