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I've never seen this before

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I've seen a tank get bogged before and then watched the next tank come along and get all hung up trying to drive around him (first coming to a dead halt bumper to bumper of course). So I was really surprised the other day when I watched a tank bog, and then the next tank just pushed him out of the way. He just drove into the first tank and it slid over to the side and then they guy drove on. The pushing operation did slow him down a bit, but not nearly as bad as trying to drive around him.

Has anyone else seen this? Or was I just having bad luck with tank traffic before? It was new to me.

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Happens often. Might have soemthing to do with the relative weight of the tanks and if the collision happens on the edge of the tanks or in the center.

I've seen it often with hunt.

There are certain occasions when tanks get pushed off bridges... wasn't there a thread on a bug where such an event lead to a huge column of fire?



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The vehicle pushing code works reasonably predictable.

I managed to get quite an immobilized tank into a position where it could do something halfway useful with its ammo.

The only thing I couldn't figure out yet was to turn the hull which would be useful for StuGs and the like.

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