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*MAJOR MOD PACK!!! Stug IIIG (all 5 variants)*

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Because Gautrek asked for it:

StuG IIIG Mod Pack! All five Stug IIIG variants totally reworked in solid Panzer Yellow paint scheme.

Get it at our favorite site:


Inspired by the screenshot of those gorgeous DAK panzers on the CMAK preview site, I've totally reworked CMBB's five Stug IIIG variants to be more accurate and convincing with a fresh coat of authentic dark yellow base coat.

They're great mods as-is, but I've supplied them plain for you modders to whip up your own camou schemes! Feel free to alter them any way you want and post them for downloading.

I'm especially happy with the reworked late model Stug IIIG, now with a late pattern loader's hatch, bow-mounted gun travel lock, spare track sections on the lower bow, hull-top 'Pilzen' lifting attachments, roof-mounted self-defense mortar, and much much more.

Download 'em, install 'em, mod 'em!

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I gotta get me some of that! :D Nice work (as always). I guess I can cross the StuGs of my "to do" mod list now. Now I have to wait all day at work before I can go home and play with them. :(

I'm taking the same course with my upcoming SdKfz 251 mod set. It'll be interesting to see what all the really good camouflage painters out there do with these. smile.gif

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