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Rejoice with me--CMBB at last!

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It's been a very long time since the Beta Playtest, but I finally got to play the finished game, in the form of a pure armor on armor QB, random settings. I had the Russians vs. German probe, July 1943, daylight, rural with light trees and small hills. 30 turns. Wound up with 2 x Plt HQ T-34s and a singleton. Quality was veteran (M43) with one regular (M41). In fast and furious seesawing combat at 500 meters or less (small map), for the loss of two T-34s, I destroyed 1 x Marder III, 3 x Pz IIc and 3 x Pz IVg (late) (all green) while defending one large and one medium VL. Allied major victory by turn 7--German autosurrender. How I've missed CM!


John Kettler

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Jeeze, where ya been?? I must have played a thousand games since then. smile.gif

I'm making a series of scenarios featuring the 22nd Panzer Division. The first one should be done this weekend. It's a thoroughly researched historical series. How would you like to test it out for me?

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Originally posted by Earl Grey:

I would like - if you don´t mind. If it´s possbile to play vs. the AI, that is. Where I do hail from, there are but few opponents to be found...

Go to The Proving Grounds. There are THOUSANDS of gamers that primarily do PBEM there. TPG's main purpose is playtesting too so go see what they have to offer.


See you there.

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