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3rd Battle of Karkov Operation

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Hi folks,

Here is an operation that is made to play as Axis vs. the AI. If you like it please review it at the scenario depot (or for that matter - even if you didn't like it so I can learn how to make one better).


Here is a synopsis:

Background: Near Stalingrad between November 1942 and February 1943 the sixth army was surrounded and capitulated with the loss of nearly 300 000 men, all their guns, vehicles and equipment. This catastrophe for Germany marked the turning point on the Eastern Front, for it left the Russians poised for what could prove to be the annihilation of the entire south wing of the German army.

In an attempt to eliminate this threat Hitler turned to his most gifted commander, Field Marshal von Manstein.

Von Manstein's counter-attack opened on 22 February with about 350 tanks. Five panzer divisions, in a coordinated movement and enjoying massive air support, struck northward at the advancing Russians' left flank. Manstein worked well with his Luftwaffe commander, Colonel-General Baron von Richthofen, who had provided close air support to blitzkrieg advances from the beginning of the war. While 48th Panzer Corps struck toward Barvenovka, 17the Panzer Division took Izyum and Protoponovka on the River Donets, and the SS Panzer Corps, thrusting through Losovaya, established contact to the north with Army Detachemnt Kempf. The euphoric Russians were taken wholly by surprise.

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Originally posted by General Brock:

Question Yaba......you mention Baron Von Richtofen ...... was this a relative of the famous Red Baron??

Yes, a younger cousin.

link in german

brief link in English

Usually any "von XYZ" is a relative to another "von XYZ". The first one given that title (it denotes nobility, like "Sir" in the UK) is usually the common ancestor.

Titles like "Baron von XYZ" are unique. Usually only one person holds it, and it is inherited. As the Red Baron had no children, the title went to his younger brother (who died in 1922). Title then transferred to cousin.



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