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* Panther G (late) *

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Displayed is a vehicle somwhere on the Oderfront in 1945, probably in the vicinity of Küstrin.

Different sources state different things as to what unit this pattern belongs to. Helpful hints always welcome!

Based on MikeyD's wonderful Panther mod with a few corrections and additions.


Available at CMMODS as usual.

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I knew someone would ask, so here it is:


Admittedly the colors can't be made out very well, but my pattern is as likely as anything else. Alternative would be to switch RAL8012 (Red Primer) with RAL6003 (Olive Green) and RAL6003 with RAL8017 (Chocolate Brown). But it looks nicer this way...

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Originally posted by Earl Grey:

Main thing is you like it! But it seesm to me there aren't many people around anymore... :(

That's a CM tradition...we leave behind the old games as soon as a new one comes out. tongue.gif

Don't fret though. There are still some of us around. I imagine it'll be that way until we see WWII become part of the CMx2 engine.

I myself am an Ostfront whore, so I'll continue CMBB'g off and on until I find something better (and I don't see that happening anytime soon!).

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