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Now, I never seen this before!

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I´d just played a scenario. I think it was something like, "The death-road of the 242" or something. Anyway, I played the germans and they shall attack a village with like 45 king tiger (they rock, btw) defended by soviet IS-2. It´s a small 15+ turn mission, and after 18 turns I won. "YES!" I thought, saince i hoped it would end turn 15 cuz that was my hight in the game, and I started lokin through the AAR. "Now, whats this?" I thought, "I´ve won a 'Tactical victory'??" I looked it up in my CMBB SE manual, and i said nothin about it. What is that??

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Originally posted by stikkypixie:

I'm not sure i understand the question, but here goes

* (the stupid version):

you win a tactical victory when you have 2.5 times more points than your opponent.

Oh... I missed that! :rolleyes:

* (less stupid):

i've played that scenario, and if i recall correctly you have to EXIT your tanks, at the other side of the road, did you do that?

No... I should, but I didnt manage in the time....

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There's not that many scenarios out there with so much firepower is such a small space. When I played as Germans first time (not knowing what the enemy had) I spent 3/4 of the game levelling building after building with my 88s! I never did get around to 'exiting' any tanks either. ;)

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Death Ride is right.

I played as the Germans and could only squeeze a couple through.

Also, I have had an issue with exit based scenarios in CMBB. In a couple I have played the point total seemed way off.

I probably haven't played an exit scenario since 1.02, though. I don't know if that issue was ever addressed.

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