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Chetire Tankista i Sobaka

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I have fond memories of an old polish tv show that I saw when I was a kid in Riga, Latvia.

It's a story about a t-34 crew and their adopted dog. I am a tank commander in US ARMY now and its just so cool to look back on my life and realize that the things we take for granted will be gone one day. I hope to see that show again sometime.

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hi all

my wife is polish and maybe can i help u, she knows this film, and the title in polish is :czterej pancerni i pies, who means 4 tankists(?) and a dog.

Ive seen this film sometimes in Poland ,the action was in late war ,Prussia 1945 at least fot what i remember smile.gif

scuse for my poor english (im french)

best regards


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Hey, first time i see somebody from Latvia here. I'm from Riga too! And still living there.

And that book was one of my favorite back in child days, especially the part where Janek and Vasily went to the immobilized Panther and knocked out 3 or 4 german tanks with it.

Perhaps we could start a PBEM? My E-mail is in the profile.

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If anyone can show me the website where I can get these series I would be very appreciative, or I can send money for it or something.

I moved to the States almost 10 years ago and haven't been home since. I miss Riga very much. Its the most beutiful city I've been in.

I would love to do a PEBM game, but unfortunatly even that I own all 3 games. Ive never played with a human. I tryed to do a TCPIP game recently, but had problems with my network. My pc is hooked up to a router. Maybe we can try CM:AK game? Please e-mail me a turn and Ill see if I can figure it out. Id love to play with someone from homeland.

By the was, do the honor guards by the Statue of freedom still wear swastikas and old german helmets? Just wandering how much the things changed since 1994

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Yeah, and the beer is cheep.

Give me a note when you come again, we could visit the museum together (last time i went there, my age was in single digits).

Also there is very interesing private museum devoted to Festung Kurland, some 70km from Riga. They even have an IS-2 there (in a poor condition, thou).

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