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Mods help Plz

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Hi Guys

Cmmods has 100's of mods for cmbb and would take me forever to look at each. I'm also not sure which are the best for cmbb.so with that in mind could you guys suggest a mod and designer for the following plz




infantry russian and german only

vehicles german and russian only



and any others you think i would like

i would really appreciate your knowledge and experience o this fellas

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Here is a neat trick. Open an excel document. Open Cmmods and open the 'by country' listing. Copy and paste each page into excel ( you have to include the headers to make this work). Now sort your excel document data and get rid of the rubbish lines. Now you have a sortable list of all the mods by designer or by vehicle and each one is a weblink to that particular web page so that you can download the mod with no messing around!

Terrain/roads/pavements/trees MikeyD UncleTgt Pat Strontium Dog GreenAsJade Pud RocketMan (Hi res and gridded terrain)

Sky Mikey D

Buildings Mikey D Pat Uncle Tgt

infantry russian and german only andrewtf, DavidInglett

vehicles german and russian only all MikeyDs ones and Dey for winter mods GeorgeMc Pat Uncle Tgt Zimorodok DavidInglett

faces Vossie MikeyD

sound I am not big on sound mods. I changed my music though to ones by padivine

and any others

splash screens: vincent - a must

mystery vehicle Der Alte Fritz

tracer: CMAK but works in CMBB Capt Wacky's

explosions: Malakovski JUJU Eichenbaum

pillbox: MikeyD Eichenbaum

sorted scenarios:philippe_in_exile

trenches: pat

do a search by country: 'all' type: 'other' and you get all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

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