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captured squad

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Ever seen this?

In a PBEM (night game, LOS 75m) the Russians captured one of my squads. Some Russian infantry units didn't care about this and shot at the squad (maybe because of the darkness) . The squad took some casulties and the rest (3men or so) started to run like hell. Amazingly this squad stoped being captured!!! but is now "unarmed". Is this something for the rarity top ten?

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I just had a green squad break because of an infantry sound contact at night in fog. :mad: Boo!

A PBEM opponent of mine — Dave H — had a similar tale of strangeness and spooky goings on. IIRC his veteran troops couldn't identify an eliminated Finnish squad, even when standing on top of them. :eek: Leave it to the Finns to come up with the concept of the Uberdead. :rolleyes:



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"Unarmed" is the state for re-captured troops. I get that one all the time. If the AI captures any troops of mine, I do my best to recapture them, if at all possible. Sometimes, though, the AI will walk them off the back end of the map, and then they are gone for good.


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Originally posted by Pyewacket:

Amazingly this squad stoped being captured!!! but is now "unarmed".

I've recently witnessed an incredible temptative to escape from a german Luftwaffe POW squad. They were guarded by a russian SMG squad but they suddenly started to run towards their lines (distant from 1,5km :rolleyes: ). The guards simply shoot them in the back.
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