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Interview with Mr. Hubert Cater


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SC PBEM League News

1. We will have an exclusive interview upcoming with SC creator and designer Hubert Carter in our next Newsletter. Hopefully in less than a week. If you are a member of the league you will get the interview in a newsletter.

2. NEED A NEW NAME FOR A SC II LEAGUE. If you are a member of the SC PBEM league we will have an upcoming contest to name the new league for SC II. We are hoping that SC II will have some safty built into it so that PBEM will have a safe system and the league can be for both the PBEM community and the TCIP community. So we need to come up with a new name. We will have the contest in January.

So if you wish to read Mr. Hubert Carter's exclusive interview or participate in the contest to name the new league then go ahead now and join the SC PBEM league.

Here is a link.


PS - I hope to in future newsletters do interviews with other outstanding members of the SC community. We start with the Biggest this time the creator of the game himself.

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Jersey, not asking the big guy that qustion.

Instead asking him, "so what do you really think of certain battlefront forum members, let's start with Jersey John." :D

But he denied that question, said the response would be too long. There is just so much to say about such an interesting character like yourself. So instead you will have to be the next one to be interviewed... :D:D

We would interview Kuni, but then that would be gay.

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Truely insatiable -- much like yourself! smile.gif

I'm glad to see our new friend, GeneralMark, is a kindred spirit to us -- except if he'd use the search feature for this original SC Forum, he'd see that many of his questions have already been discussed in depth. Not a biggie, he finds good items to explore and a good topic can never be done too many times. smile.gif


Thanks and fantastically honored!

-- Though, in truth, I think various others deserve to be interviewed ahead of me. In any case, looking forward to that Hubert interview and really happy about having my own. I'm sure it will be very enjoyable and, hopefully, interesting as well. smile.gif

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The interview with Mr. Hubert Carter is out. Not too long (only 6 questions) but interesting I hope. For all in the SC PBEM league you should be getting the newsletter sometime today.

The interview is more than just facts about SC and I hope it will give us a picture of Hubert the person and how SC came into being.

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Thanks JJ

It was interesting to read Hubert's response.

Especially on the questions concerning old war gaming and SC II. I am hoping that SC II will not lose the flavor of SC I which to me is the classic style of old war games which still has a lot to offer I beleive. But then I am an older on that sort of stuff.

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My pleasure Curry.

It was funny for me when you mentioned being a founding member of Strategy & Tactics Magazine. I wasn't a founding member because I didn't know about it, but from the late fifties, when AH type games first began appearing if you looked hard enough, thru the mid-seventies, I really loved that type of wargame.

Strategy and tactics, with it's game in each magazine -- I think they were bimonthly -- and it's great articles on history with a wargame slant, was a real treasure. I wish I still had those old issues and games, but they're all long gone.

It would be great if we had some kind of Internet equivalent. I know there are many of feel this way because we've had at least six threads on this over the past two years. Something exactly like S & T only an online format, lets say with a game to download in every issue. Nothing fancy, even variations on one or two existing games would be great and with the same sort of historical articles that S & T did so well.

I was interested also in the games Hubert mentioned as having been his own favorites. Chess, was something I was very active in but I don't think anyone who knows what a wargame is would actually consider it to be one. A strategy game, of course, but not the wargame it's often represented as being.

Regarding WWII he mentioned Axis and Allies, CoS and High Command. In the past, mainly when SC was in it's first year, new people here would compare it most often with either CoS or Axis and Allies.

It's significantly different from CoS, which I think is much more complicated with it's combined attacks and phase system, etc, overall a game I like better than SC -- I know Hubert doesn't mind me saying that because I have all along -- but of course it's got some huge shortcomings that Hubert avoided in SC. It really is a different approach to the same subject with very similar parameters.

If a new version of CoS for windows came out with a good AI and a lot of cleaned up glitches, I'd love to give it a shot, as I'm sure many of us would including Hubert himself. But apparently that isn't going to happen.

From the looks of SC2 so far as is being revealed to us, Hubert is making a deliberate effort to get away from any resemblence to CoS and find his own true design style. Which is great.

I'm particularly looking forward to the game editor, as are many of us. If it has a really good AI I'd have everything I could ask for; I honestly don't like having to make moves and would rather play nine hours one day against the computer and not have to make another move for three months if I don't feel like it.

Naturally people vary on these things and most people like to play live opponents on a regular basis. Some of us don't and are AI oriented.

That other WWII in Europe hex based wargame Hubert mentioned as one he likes, HiCom, is to me a very great game. Unfortunately the computer can't handle it's end of things. The game is far too complicated for even today's AI systems and in DOS the computer just can't handle it at all. The concept itself is great, though. It's probably still ten years ahead of it's time in many ways.

Great interview, Curry, and great responses from Hubert. smile.gif

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Like JJ, I also enjoyed reading the interview. Great job Curry. More!

S&T is still around. Decision Games has back isues. In fact I recently got the Jan/Feb 2004 issue because I was interested in the enclosed game. I used to be a diehard Avalon Hill fan back in the 1970s, waiting eagerly for the next issue of The General to arrive each month. So I guess we're all showing our age by recalling those Halcyon Days of wargaming.

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... a bit roach eaten for sure, but one of these days I'll get up there and rummage around.

Perhaps you should get yerself on up there and chase off the mice & roaches and see about those old games? ;)

Some of 'em are going for BIG BUCKS on e-Bay these days.

Like some of you guys, I still have most of those old A-H games, going back to "D-Day" and "1914" and "Waterloo," etc.

Here pretty soon I'm going to ask my son if he finally wants them, and if not... maybe I'll put 'em up for bid.

The thing I liked - perhaps best about the old games, was... the QUALITY of the board and playing pieces.

Flimsier stuff, in all kinds of ways, nowadays... those folded paper maps and indifferent packaging, and etc, though, there are a few newer companies that are beginning to go back to "high quality" concerns. :cool:

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@D-Dave --- I miss buying pop in the bottle, this can/plastic just doesn't hack it.

Them were the days, eh rambo?

WHEN... you could trust the product, whether it was cola or war-games or hula-hoops or pogo-sticks... LOL!

**btw: you had asked awhile back IF I was still playing SC the Original?

Yep, I still am, since I can't seem to find ANY other game out there that can... match it.

Good news (... of the lesser kind) is... SC2 will be even better.

Different, but much better. :cool:

[btw #2: I had asked Kuni - twice, if he wanted a public challenge game with the new! SC2, to include an AAR once we all have time to learn the ins & outs... never was no reply, so... maybe you and I can have a "spirited contest" instead?]

Like cola and licorice sticks plucked out of the Country Store jar and, well, you know, all the rest. ;)

[ December 17, 2004, 08:08 AM: Message edited by: Desert Dave ]

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