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Rambo says, "I'm tired of all the crying", time for people to step-up & sack-up.

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What is going on with everybody? I come online, read post, play opponents, etc.......all that is going on is a bunch of bitching.


1) "The Ladder sucks" --- The Ladder sucks? Maybe you suck! Deal with it! If you can't change the system, work within the system. The Top players in the world are available if you want to climb the food chain. Terif has ICQ, e-mail, & is willing to set appointments. The other major ICONS don't back down either. Don't get bent out of shape because some loser is 0-7 & hasn't been pushed down yet. Remember, 0-7 is 0-7, everybody knows the truth about skill levels.

2) "I don't like the LC-gambit" --- Too bad. This is a war game, everybody is trying to win. All is fair in Love & War.

3) "Everybody kills my HQ's w/ fighters" --- Well slick, then move your HQ's out of range! Everybody cries about supplies, rules, this & that. Well, HQ's are HQ's & have alot of value. Build an airforce or move your HQ's out of range.

4) "The game isn't historical" --- Really? You think? It's a game. Go watch the History Channel if you want to be Historically Correct.

5) Rookies need to shut their holes --- Alot of newbies are talking too much smack & can't back it. Anytime you want to step-up & sack-up...give me a call & I'll provide a free head-crack. Before anybody will take you serious, you need to beat an ICON in the game...such as Terif, ZappSweden, IronRanger, CodenameCondor, Jolly, IrishGuards, Rambo...etc.

6) "The A.I. isn't smart" --- No kidding? You expect a game with all the options to play like the PC-hit-Chessmaster-7000 or something? Remember, the A.I. don't count & the A.I. doesn't stand for Alvin Iverson.

7) Message to ZappSweden --- Quit trying to carry the World's problems on your shoulders. You're an ICON, now quit crying about every little detail of the game. You know why? You've played Terif 30+ games & he's beating your ass.

Terif has head-cracked me 16-times...oh well...."We made a promise, we swore we always remember, no retreat, no surrender!" --- Bruce Springsteen 1986. Zapp, get back in the game, quit trying to be an Island & start acting like an ICON!

8) Message to 88mm --- Make up your mind about the Ladder. "Either you're with us, or against us" --- G.W. Bush. You want the leadership rule, then take it & be a leader.

9) Message to Sir Jersey --- You are the History Channel, maybe it's time you got involved with playing the game! Start being a Mentor to the rookies. We know you have editorial skills down, start proving yourself on the battlefield.

10) Message to Terif --- Quit hiding! Quit being self-serving. When are you going to play during normal United States times? Half the games we've played don't mean crap, it was 3:30 a.m.! I want to play you, I'm calling you out. I'm calling your manhood out. I want to play you!

Doing my job & on the soap-box,



"Get Saved"

[ May 14, 2003, 10:06 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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General Rambo -- Hollywood

Thanks for the invitation. As I've said before playing IP is out for me because of my schedule. I do play the game, at the moment I've got ten PBEM games going, which in itself is too time consuming but I don't have to make moves every day so I can keep it under control.

At the moment, for example, I'm trying to squeeze in a few moves before going on to something else I need to work on -- I have about 45 minutes to do so and stopped by here first.

What little I know about playing the game I try to share in postings but to be honest, it's impossible for me to devote the time needed for ladder competition.

As for a rating system I also said a long time ago that it isn't as simple as most people imagine. Major chess federations use a system that looks like advanced calculus.

Glad you made this posting, there has been a lot of moaning and groaning lately. I've probably done some of it myself without intending to. The history part is the big thing to me. I try to balance my comments so it doesn't seem that I want the game to follow historical lines, I don't. Players should have the freedom to follow unhistorical paths, but there should also be balancing factors to keep it fairly close to reality. Sure Germany can invade Sweden, but why didn't they do it historically, maybe the place was more valuable to them staying neutral -- you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

Here's hoping you get the desired results. I'll be glad to help out in any way possible except for IP play. I'm not making an excuse, my schedule just doesn't allow it.

[ May 20, 2003, 03:04 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Sir Jersey --- Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you're "In the game" & playing some PBEM. I'm not trying to be a Judge or Jury, just taking a roll-call w/ all the ICONS & LEGENDS. There are only 2-Legends right now, & you are one of them.


"Get in the Game"

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well, i wouldnt have used that language but u hit some points. We all know the ladder is not very good but what counts its to fight a good war against a human opponent, AI is no enemy for a good player.

i know now how terif has added up so many victories, counting 16 of u , 30 of zap and another maybe 20 from me, half of his victories against only 3 players. that ruins our stadistics pretty hard, aint it? lol

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Youre a waco Rambo and always have been.

This f***** thread is nothing but ****. Dont you got anything better tyo do then complainin on everybody. Just because your annoyed cause´you cant beat Terif is not the communities problem.

Try playing a man like me some time. We started oncve but then suddenly when I kicked your ass in Poland you disconnected. Post that as a loss in the ladder-thread please.

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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

6) "The A.I. isn't smart" --- No kidding? You expect a game with all the options to play like the PC-hit-Chessmaster-7000 or something? Remember, the A.I. don't count & the A.I. doesn't stand for Alvin Iverson.


Or even Alan Iverson.

But seriously, as dumb as the AI is, would you agree that (on an evolutionary scale) that it is a chimpanzee compared to Kuniworth's amoeba?

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Well gee, I too have done some of the treacherous moaning & groaning, but, see, the things is... I INTENDED TO! :D

Seems to me this is a fairly normal human undertaking... if we want to be tough as roofing nails, or really truly STOIC, we might consider a comment from an ORIGINAL...

Once, when DIOGENES was mocked by the highly conformist people for having been sold into slavery by his native city (... forum), he said:

"The people of Sinope condemned me to banishment, but I condemned them to be themselves and to remain where they are."

And so it goes. ;)

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Topic: Rambo says, "I'm tired of all the crying", time for people to step-up & sack-up.
"sack-up"? I know(!) I'm not getting enough tang from the lady's but there is no way you grizzly haired generals are going have me step-up and 'sack-up' with one of you. LOL

Rambo you make me laugh, thanks for including me in the Icon spit but I haven't beaten you (damn bug)or Terif and company so I'm not sure I should be included in that group.

The Ladder crap aside (its a game, not he betting board in Vages), what I think your seeing is two seperate groups and their desires. One is looking for a balanced game with an anything go's metality. The other is looking for a more historical account. Both can be satisfied in each game, bidding for gamers, house rules for the historical end (mine are listed elsewhere) but both groups will never be completly satisfied at the same time.

I'm sure my spelling sucks but I'm not editing this anymore (carpy keyboard to boot!)

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IronRanger --- I agree w/ your 2-party belief system of SC. Camp # 1 : Historical vs Camp # 2 : Gamers. Granted most will claim they want both, but it comes to a point where lines will be drawn. By the way, "Sack-up" is a slang term..."Be a Man". Like you mentioned in the other thread, we'll continue Saturday morning, I can play upto 1:00 pm Forum time (golf tourney).

PunnyWorth --- The leader of my fan club is back! How have you been? Actually, I don't think you've gone anywhere. You're still stalking me, eh? I rarely post & the second I do, you follow me. That means you have less of a life than I thought, reading the Forum, never posting, never winning. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Jealously is a bad character trait. You need to think for yourself...oh that's right, you live in some Commie-Country were you gotta go with the flow. No wonder you don't like independent, successful, competitive, flag-waving, bible-quoting Americans...it's called Freedom, try it. After my golf tourney I'll give yo a chance to lose to the Legend, you can also caddy if you want.

Hollywood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

"You could have been a Contender, Punnyworth"


[ May 16, 2003, 01:35 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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Oh old Ramboboy. You stink as much as the original Stallone-movies. All you succeeded with here is being an arse. I dont now how you do it, but heck "never in history have so many been so insulted by just one person"

You dont do anything else then play ladder and complain, and you say that I DON`T HAVE A LIFE???? You little funny nutcase, try takin a lady out some time or why not one of the boyz you like so much??

Yep I will continue to live and prosper here in commie-Europe. Playing on my FREE 100 mb internet-cable on my lovely 7 weeks paid vacation(everyone´s right as a citizen here). Then I will take 3 month of work to be home with my kid(also paid, parents right you know) and just...well feel FREE.

:cool: Many kisses to Hollywood and plz post our game as a loss. NOW.

[ May 16, 2003, 06:30 PM: Message edited by: Kuniworth ]

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Umm, excuse me for noticing, but wasn't this topic started by the same person who later whines about:

1) Having to stay up late to play the champion at the champions hours.

2) Not getting Jets level XXX. Over and over.

3) The fact that his Italian Air Force didn’t rule the known universe against the champion

These petty moanings coming from the self-proclaimed icon, legend, forum-cop, industrialist, philanthropist and bicyclist. I would think this would prompt a review of your self, which could lead to the conclusions:

1) If the hours bother you, play someone in your own time zone –maybe below you on the ladder-in your own time zone and quit nagging us about your personal decisions.

2) Play the game in hand, not the game you wish had developed.

3) Get sober/ some sleep before expecting El Duce’s airforce to defeat Terif’s UK airforce.

Just a newbie’s way of looking at the soapbox……and keeping icons accountable. 8)

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Jim Made-Man Boggs --- Thanks for posting about the DOUBLE-DOUBLE post post. Nice take.

Leopard --- Don't get your spots into a frenzy. Can I just call you Leo for short? Somebody told me Hitler liked naming things after animals: Tiger, Eagle's Nest, Jag, etc. Anyhow...you've a few points & I will address them.

Having to stay up late to play the Champ --- This is correct, setting my alarm for 1:50 a.m. to begin play is rough, setting back schedule. Not only that, it cuts into my drinking, gambling, & woman time.

Bitching about Jet-Tech --- You're right, I am crying a river over this. Last 4-games my opponent's have had > 2 Jet advantage. I played both sides too. Maybe it's a 1.07 bug? In 1.06, with the tech-catch-up-rule, never saw this.

Italian Air Force --- This was a wacky idea. I saw no choice. The year is 1943, Germany can't get advancement in Jets & getting run by Britain's 3-air-units...might as well get the Italians into the business, getting my assed kick by 3 pieces will do that.

Self-Proclaimed --- Everybody is in sales, the world is about promotion. If I waited on the world to advance me, I'd be pushing a broom.

"The world needs ditch diggers too" --- Judge Smells, from Caddyshack.

Forum Cop --- Are you kidding me? I cringe at the word "Cop".

"Why are you pushing me? I didn't do anything to you.........Out here I am the Law" --- Rambo in Rambo.

Industrialist --- This is true. I'm a technologist actually.

Philanthropist --- Yep, this is true. Beside being Rambo, I'm a Robin Hood too. "We were suppose to help those who couldn't fight for themselves" --- Harold, from a Few Good Men. In hundread years, is anything really going to matter unless Christ be Risen?

Bicyclist --- Huh? "You've got the wrong guy" --- Sgt. Septon from Stalog 17. I don't even have a pedal-bike or motorcycle; I golf.

At ease, you're dismissed,

Rambo-Hollywood the Legend & Icon

[ May 22, 2003, 09:53 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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Read your orininal post while reading past threads-and after remembering your recent comments, couldn't let it go..I'm glad you took it as it was meant, tongue-in-cheek. About the bicyclist part, it was from a Seinfeld episode and too good to pass up.


I was talking **** before the Dr slapped my butt, so I'm not likely to wait for your approval. From what I have seen read here, we need to encourage newbies-not chase them away or tell them to shut up. IMO This game still needs more players and the forum needs a variety of opinions.

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I agree 100% that we need to encourage newbies to get involved and compete. But lately there have been alot of newbies coming in and giving respected members (Legends, Icons, and avarage players who have been here for quite some time) ****. We have no problem welcoming newbies and helping them out (both Rambo and Terif do their share in giving tips to first time players), but when newbies like yourself walk in and start saying **** like:

"These petty moanings coming from the self-proclaimed icon, legend, forum-cop, industrialist, philanthropist and bicyclist."

people tend to get pissed off.

When you have been around awhile then you have the right to question other member's status as legends, icons, or expecienced players. And even then you should show some form of respect.

Comrade Trapp

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