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Total world domination


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By oktober 3. 1943 the world had been conquered by the facist forces. Not even Switzerland escaped.

I emerged with a total score of 319, and 1051MMP per round. Hope it is possible to rise the total score on a more difficult level. Very good science round too, had 32 breakthroughs from sept. 39 to okt. 43. :D

Anyone else with a good round, it would be nice to see what score you guys get.

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Several aspects of the scoring system, the adding of kills and subtracting of losses coupled with points for resources, will make game score comparisons vary greatly.

I've recieved a lower 'score' when I finished the '39 campaign in less time and with fewer losses than my friend. The reason for the difference in score was attributed almost entirely to how many more units the AI had time to build (and he to destroy) in his game.

A more interesting comparison might be to provide your score breakdown as well as dates of individual conquest and allegiance.

The '39 campaign I won (November '42) at Expert, +1 against the Axis suffered a lower score because I took out the Axis before America entered the war. Granted they held off because Stalin was roaring through the Balkans, but another turn or two of waiting and they'd have joined and boosted my 'score' with their resources.


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I loose interest in the game as soon as the USSR surrenders.... The outcome is a given cause after that!

The only thing I'm after is the challenge.

Last game I played as Axis on expert +1 exp for allies, knocked the Russians out in late 43.

I can easily conquer the rest of the map, and the endgame score isn't really of much interest anymore. Will most likely start a new game and try another strategy.

What I like is that the AI almost gets me on this difficulty level! The allied invasion usually comes when I'm in a critical stage in the war in the east. When my heavy investemnt in research failed me, I was almost bombed out of France tongue.gif )

Would have enjoyed the game even more if the AI could beat me now and then. Up until now he hasn't done it once...

I lost plenty of times in Clash of Steel, and still does!

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P z B, is the AI in Clash of Steel really that good? I only played it a couple of times and that must have been about 7 years ago.

Can it beat a human in a fair match (no handicaps, cheating, bla bla)?

I almost find that hard to believe.

I re-installed a while back but the graphics were just too harsh...

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On General difficulty level with partisans on and without liberation reinforcements on for the Axis, I do find myself on the short end of the rope now and then.

IN COS very much decided by dice rolls...

Taking out fortified cities in Russia sometimes takes to long. If the AI fortifies to many of his cities, it can be extremely difficult to get him out.

The double moves is also devastating! Giving the AI the last move in one pulse and then the first move in the next one, allows it to close and eliminate pockets. The weather is also unpredictable, so is the length of the pulses.

(1-10 turns, decides by weather and dice rolls.)

It's this huge and uncontrollable ways of events that makes the AI so difficult to defeat now and then. Why I never really stopped playing it...)

Taking a few of these things into SC would make it a even better challenge smile.gif

The side with the initiative gets the first move, this might change according to weather, time and resources.

I think the AI would become a far more deadly opponent if this was incorporated....

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If you - as a player - do not yourself cheat in COS (that is, if you accept even desastrous outcomes battles etc.), you may very well loose on normal settings. I remember that I had one game where everything went awry as the Axis:

- Norway failed (units didn't take Oslo soon enough, the supply ensuring ship in the North Sea was destroyed).

- France didn't want to offer Vichy until the last city was taken ...

- I had transferred all Italian units to Africa even before Italy entered the war. So I had to use German troops later to garrison the Italian cities. The Italians almost conquered Alexandria, but then the navy could not hold its own in the East Mediterranean, Malta suppressed the supply, and *all* Italian units were out of supply and eliminated in front of Alexandria soon.

- Franco did *almost* join the Axis, but I then wasted all my diplomacy points on him. I had heavily invested in ships early, and wanted to pull off a Gibraltar plan. So I attacked Spain. But while my units were occupied in Bilbao, Stalin declared preemptive war on me even though I had met the garrison requirements in Poland.

In short: I was doomed already at the end of 41.


PS: O well, and in another game as the Allies, I transferred two British armies (BEF) with a transport to France, and the heavily guarded transport was sunk by a lone German sub, while my 4 carriers and battleships in the same seazone seemed to have missed to attend the party. Of course, I had bought De Gaulle, but before he arrived, France was lost ...

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Originally posted by gunnergoz:

I think he answered the difficulty level question when he says "Hope it is possible to rise the total score on a more difficult level."

That's a pretty good hint that he's playing the default level.

I understand that,i was really wanting to know what rules he had in place,like did he have FOW on the Undo and siberia option
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