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Do u think they should increase the map size and also add more major countries?


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No, I think the game should remain centered in Europe only. If a global effect is sought perhaps there should be a companion game for the Pacific War with both games having a combining mechanism to simulate the entire war with scrolling extending from Iceland in the west to Hawaii in the east; Archangel and Murmansk in the North to the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, Celon, Australia and New Zealand in the south.

The United States should always be off-screen. Neither Japan nor Germany could have invaded the Western Hemisphere so there's no point including it.

Some off screen action regarding South America and commerce raiding would be a good idea.

The present SC map should be expanded to make the North African coast extend 200 miles, four hexes, inland, which would allow for some maneuvering.

Amphibious operations need to be greatly curtailed, especially by the Axis. I think it's ridiculous that corps and armies and tank groups just float around looking for a good place to come ashore. Yeah, perhaps they do it in Viking Long Boats!

The North African Campaign needs to be decided entirely on land. End runs, historically, were composed of a division or two and major amphibious invasions consisted of perhaps a corps; in both cases the destination was decided while still on shore and the troops were not left in their transports for indefinate periods. Part of the problem is landings can't be conducted against contested coastal hexes; this is unhistorical and should be changed.

The invading nation should click on a coastal hex, then on the invading corps -- which would entail entirely new game rules to be done properly -- along with supporting air and naval units, and the whole group should be directed at the target hex.

Naval units should only be allowed to conduct shore bombardment as part of this combined amphibious operation. It would mean several naval units on contiginous hexes to the landing zone would combine to help fight the defending unit, similar to the way it's done in real life. They'd all be working from the same hex along with the Amphib ground unit, but for SC game purposes they'd be in different, though connected, hexes, except for supporting air units, which would only need to be within range of the invasion hex.

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I would like to see it worldwide with the option to only play the European or Pacific theaters. What I mean is that there would be a world map scenario, a European only scenario map(SC 1 with bigger Atlantic and more north Africa) and a Pacific scenario map all in one package. I think this would allow everyone to be happy.

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Personally Agreed. The Pacific is a boring Theatre. Although many advanced and new weapons were used there any future package should be SC-2.Europe or SC-2.Pacific

Although it's up to the designer.

Personally I think that you've got enough going on and adding more detail to the existing Theatre is fine... You would have to make an UBERgame to get both even in this current setup

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India would be interesting, it figured prominently in both the German and Japanese global plans. I think they were both planning on turning it into an ally after ousting the British.

Now we want to bomb India!

Actually, India and Pakistan have so many nuclear weapons that if they turned them on one another the rest of the human race would probably go the way of Australia in the movie -- On the Beach . I'll bet you like that one, General Rambo, it's a bit depressing but on my list of good movies. I doubt Gregory Peck was ever in a bad one.


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The pacific boring???!!!

You have to be kidding me. Everything was rolling in there.

Air, Navy and Land was necessary to be successfull in the Pacific.

I don't call having to use all units available to you boring.

Bringing troops transports to the islands and hoping for no enemy Navy finding them.

It was great.

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loading and unloading transports errr, ahhh. that's a tedious process. Can't use Armor. It useless in Jungles :( Attrittion filled.. Thousands and thousands of miles of sea, useless Islands that only were strategic for use for an airbase.. Egads.. No Pac. No Pac tongue.gif

lets all hunt down the Industrial heartland of the urals...

besides you'd have to make a very detailed USA for Japan to invade eventually and you'd have to hype her up economically. Wait a minute, now that could be fun

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The Pacific Theatre is a totally DIFFERENT scale, given the Ocean expanses, and therefore, IMHO, should be a SEPARATE game. ;)

And, who would want to be scrolling around the whole damn day long... looking for that stray Aussie spotting-unit out in The Hebrides? Or even the Corps with No-Name, starved by constant! interruption to the flimsy-fragile supply line.

I say... keep the Theatres apart. :cool:

As for SC2, which is looking - each and every sun thundrous! mountain-meadow day! like a going concern... Hooray! :cool:

We could use more width and breadth, to include:

1) Deeper into the dark heart of Africa. Don't need Ethiopia (... except as a "special event" event) but a couple more hexes to the south would be most excellent. The Afrika Korps may be mostly "romatic" but it is a challenge to play... in the SAND hexes, as rambo has suggested.

2) It would be great to see Trondheim (... and the Murmansk Transfer of MPPs to desperately importuning Russia!) on the board, and some way for those UnterSee Boots to circumnavigate around Scapa Flow, so... about 6-9 hexes further north.

3) The whole Middle East needs inclusion, to include Persia, and also those vast, winter bitten expanses out beyond! Moscow.

As it is, the quick jump by those nefarious Panzergrenadiers! into Urals mountain range... is far too easy. Should be a long and tedious and terrible slog.

4) Out West, would be nice to have that huge Atlantic Ocean, where the determined ASW and the snarling Subs could hunt & seek and find and INTRICATELY clash, and in great! detail.

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