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  1. Well compared to the rest of our leaders since Eisenhower, Regan, to me, stands out as one of the best. Lets see, Kennedy was sanctified because he was martyred, more affairs than good old Bill, got the ball rolling on Vietnam, and paved the way for Johnson's "Great Society". Johnson, escalated the war in Vietnam, a war which made much less sense than the current one in Iraq, cost the nation billons of dollars with the Great Society. While some of the programs like Medicare and Medicaid were worthy, the "Lets put all the poor people in the same area and give them no incentive to engage in work" didn't quite pan out like it should have. Instead it helped kill cities like the one I live in (New Orleans. Nixon, got us out of Vietnam, got the EPA up and running, however also decided to fight racism with racism by starting up the affirmative action program which while well intended, now provides for yet another point to divide the USA based on Race. Got caught doing what a lot of others have gotten away with, but wasn't man enough to come clean with it. Instead Watergate kills his career. Ford and Carter, a robot and a peanut farmer. Regan, see Rambo's previous post as they sum up my view pretty well. Bush I, Handled Iraq well, but should have finished it than. Should have just raised taxes instead of reading lips. Slick willy, despite his personal flaws, a decent president. However, he dismantled the military that Regan built in order to balance the budget. Bush II, still in office, lots he can still do to save or destroy his legacy. So why not celebrate Regan's legacy? Yes he favored the upper class and capitalism, but is that any worse than Johnson's reversed discrimination polices? To me its not. Regan gave life back to the office of President, had Americans feeling proud again, and in my opinion, left the country in a better position when he was done. Sadly not many other presidents can claim that.
  2. I say we keep it going, or at least put it to a vote by those playing.
  3. This is lame, why cancel the whole thing "in case" some one might be cheating.
  4. My game against Earl of White just started, largely due to me having to take finals this week. I should be able to pick up the pace now.
  5. Well as long as we get an Iron cross and not the silly tri-color one used in Hearts of Iron, I'll be happy.
  6. Kossuth, lets game our game started. I would email you but I lack the address
  7. Japanese Carriers bomb Scapa Flow instead of Pearl Harbor. Time to make another scenario that a handfull of people will enjoy
  8. I think if Germany and Japan had worked more closely together things might have gone differently. Japan launches an attack directed solely at the UK and leaves the USA alone. They move into India, take on a large portion of the Royal Navy. Afterwards, Japan attacks the USSR, Japan gets its ass kicked, but ties down the Siberian army. UK sues for peace, Germany and Japan duke it out dividing the former UK possessions
  9. The nazi's nuke Moscow, than London, than fly over in a Horten Stealth Bomber and Nuke New York and DC. Hitler's face glows, as does the rest of the World
  10. Not declaring war on the USA after Peal Harbor might have helped. FDR would have had a hard time making Germany enemy number one or entering the war in Europe at all.
  11. I would like to see a percentage chance of some French fleets going Axis. In real life the Brits had to sink a large portion of it. Maybe if you create Vichy you get a chance to get some French ships. It would be a little more encentive.
  12. I'll do the PBEM route if it works out better that way. Or both, but than that prob means two losses for Team USA . John: If you get a chance, resend that last email you sent me (I know it was ages ago) I got a new PC and stupid me only copied over the adress book, not stuff I had been trying to make time to read
  13. I'm from the Gulf Coast, US Central time, can play either PBEM or TCP/IP, would rather PBEM but can play either. [ April 20, 2004, 04:20 PM: Message edited by: Panzer39 ]
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