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you Hi Command fans might be interested in this

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This is the entire post contents below, encountered it just a few minutes ago, and assumed some of the Hi Command crowd might like it.

Re: Looking for a Strategy (not real time) Game



Originally posted by Yohan


I'm trying to find a good Strategic level game (all who count Axis and Allies as strategy please stop reading) for a buddy of mine to play by PBEM.

I'm looking at either WWII or Napoleonic computer games that fit this bill.



How about 'High Command', at


there is a download of the game and manuals, plus complete instructions for Win 95,98, and 98se install and pbm play.



(I) Colorado Computer Games; Gregg Carter and Joey Nonnast; 1991; ***



THIRD REICH -- the way it should have been done. While the AI came in for much criticism, the game itself was easy to learn and play. Economics, strategic planning and operational warfare yielded one of the more complex simulations in terms of playing well.


(I) Three Sixty; Gregg Carter and Joey Nonnast; 1993; ***+



The updated SVGA version with improved graphics, yet the AI still seemed to be learning disabled. Altogether, a sequel with substantive improvements, and yet it could have been so much more ...

Probably the best way to review "High Command:1939-45"

(i.e. HC) is to begin by listing the games that it

somewhat compares with/against, using the following

three categories:

1. Scope and realism of historical period.

2. Complexity of strategy and functionality.

3. Playability, breadth of details covered, and

ability to play game against computer or live human.

The games:

PC versions of Axis and Allies and Third Reich, Clash

of Steel, Call to Power 2, Civilization III,

Diplomacy, Risk/Risk II, Empire Earth.

SCOPE: Only High Command, A&A, TR, and CoS cover

EXACTLY the topic of strategic war in Europe during

1939-45+, but only HC covers as much detail (even the

graphics are the best of the bunch).

COMPLEXITY: While a fun diversion, A&A is simply a

kid's game. TR was better as a board game, and as

such, was only a little better than A&A. TR and COS

cut LOTS of corners! Winner: HC, as it pays close

attention to detailed borders, rules, and choices

allowable by the players.

PLAYABILITY: A&A is easy to play, and a fun diversion

for a couple of hours (great for a break), but it's

not very realistic. Only HC comes as close as I've

seen to a real strategic simulation experience. It

does have flaws, however, such as limiting only 2

players (the Axis player controls all Axis countries,

for example), the inability of neutrals to produce,

deploy, or have any impact until actually at war, and

the unrelated action phases that take a little away

from the overall impact (a common flaw with most, if

not all, turn-based wargames, in all fairness). But,

OVERALL, you won't find anything released yet that

seriously challenges it with an AI, and that's since

1993!. (NOTE: Europe in Flames (or World in Flames)

looks promising, but details are sketchy).

Once you realize what is left of the bunch (HC), you

can approach it with a better set of expectations, and

understand that yes, it is DOS-based, and yes, there

are flaws in the game, but there are ways around those

flaws that remedy the game back to an enriching


Here's a concrete example.

The game was not designed to be played by email, or

over the web, but it is possible. It only requires

honesty from both players, and an understanding that

the Allied player (on his computer) will move first,

and the Axis player (on his computer) will watch the

action happen. Both players' phases happen

separately, and with the exception of the momentary

second it takes to save the game at the start of the

oppenent's phase, and then exit (to then email the

files), there will be no real obstacle to making it

work. There are only 3 files associated with each

scenario that will be changed, and they can be emailed

in a small zip file (typically under 30k, so we are

talking NOTHING in terms of email). Those files are

labeled for the scenario, and end with .aln, .axn, and

.sav. (see details at




'A Better War,' Lewis Sorley, 1999, pp387-8

..but one who spoke out with decency and regret was William Shawcross. "It seemed to me then, and still seems to me today," he wrote long years after the end. "that those of us who were opposed to the American effort in Indochina should be humbled by the scale of suffering inflected by the Communist victors---especially in Cambodia but in Vietnam and Laos as well."*

*William Shawcross, "Review of David P. Chandler's Brother Number One," New York Review of Books (12 August 1993). P.38.

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High Command was awesome! I was waiting ages to see a game to come up to that level of realism when computers were advancing so fast.

SC is a breath of fresh air! Someone actually picked up on the idea of a true Strategic/Economic recreation of WW2, my heart goes out to the designers. Noone else out there gotta bone? Hello!? They did a good job, it's basic. It's fair, in realism. The AI deserves kudos! It's been ages since something decent has been pumped out and I hope they turn it into a increasingly detailed, accurate, playable game. I'd spend $100 for it. All hardcore wargamers would and most people who play it are hardcore.

Come on Axis&Allies is a board game, Risklike. Not in the same category. In that it's fun for awhile. I have played it on & off for 13 years and have beaten some of the most legendary players on the World<Net>. tongue.gif

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Wow man thanks for the Post that was a great game But it lacked the much needed Mutilplayer capability I played for a week then Shelved it When the ai was no longer interesting. Waited forever for a pbem or serial connect patch but it never showed. Looks like this this guy had some free time and decided not to wait any longer. great idea I'm leeching it now. I doubt the 720k single density disks it originally came on still work. If i can even find it anymore. BTW i DID find FIRE Brigade! Damn thing is on 5 1/4.

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