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SC: New Rated


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Write to StrategicScores@AOL.COM with your SC forum name and the same active E-Mail in your Forum Profile.<to change your forum E-Mail write to forum@battlefront.com <forum@battlefront.com> and have them make the necessary adjustment at your request, if they are unhelpful list your E-mail with me> Request to Join: You will receive a return confirmation. Note: You must list your E-mail in your Profile. You cannot have two separate Names and will be erased if discovered.

Rating System:

Everyone starts with 0 games despite former Ladder. Every victory you will earn 1 victory point<this will be the new system> it will be listed and updated here on the Forum under this Topic. Every loss you will lose 1 victory point. At the end of one month the system will adapt in this form:

Top Ten Rated will only earn +1 VP per victory.

Players 11th or lesser will earn +2 VP for beating a Top10 rated player and +3 VP for defeating the #1 rated player. The Top10 will only receive +2 VP defeating the #1 rated player. The #1 rated player will lose -5 VP to anyone outside of the Top Ten and

-3 VP to anyone in the Top Ten.

At the end of 6 months, any player that is -victory points will be cleared of all their debt. At the end of 30 days a player that hasn't finished a single game will be -5 VPs.

How to Start a game:

You Post a subject in Opponent Finder Forum requesting a SC: Rated Game. House rules are acceptable. "No Point Trading will be tolerated!" This system is based off Fall Weiss 1939 Scenario only.

Once you've made a match to another player who is signed up you will then have agree to upon your own Rules and Bidding... After all agreements are met and you both "Confirm" your willingness to proceed, start your game. Games will be finished within 30 days<or else>.

Wins & Losses: Will be reported VIA: E-Mail to StrategicScores@AOL.COM, if you wish you may also post your victory in this thread. In case of a possible dispute. Include all valid information and data for GM to make a Ruling.

Reschedule or Cheating:

If you must reschedule then decide amongst yourselves. Each Player's E-mail is available via their Profile you can obtain by going back and checking the original date the game was Posted and clicking on their name in the Forum Thread Posting. If you have a problem finding a way to contact them file the complaint with me at StrategicScores@AOL.COM <If E-mail it isn't listed!> If a player does not respond with valid E-mail with an explanation in 10 days, you may claim victory. Cheating will not be allowed and will not happen. We uphold to the highest standards of WarGamers On-Line if any is met it will stomped out like a Roach. tongue.gif

How the Bidding system works:

The bid system for games in this same is the newly invented "UK+USA+Russia cash handicap system".

UK+USA+Russia System:

The handicap level is a cash amount bonus for those THREE countries EACH. The highest bidder gets Axis and the other player gets Allied with the cash bonus level added to UK AND USA AND Russia.


Player A posts on the opponent forum: "SC ladder game"

Player B replies "I bid 100 MPP.

Player A replies "accepted" (ofcourse he could have raised the bid instead).

Player B will get Axis since he bid the highest bid.

The host (either A or B) modifies and saves a new scenario (based on the 1939 Fall Weiss scenario) so that USA gets 100 MPP bonus AND UK gets 100 MPP bonus AND Russia gets 100 MPP bonus.

That means that the HOST will

1) Start the campaign editor

2) Open Campaign (1939 Fall Weiss.cgn).

3) Edit campaign data by setting the UK+USA+Russia MPP on the bid level (in this case 100 MPP).

4) Saving the scenario as preferably the name of the other player.

5) The host starts SC TCP/IP and picks the newly created scenario.

If no player wants to bid or only bids 0 MPP the game can be played with the original 1939 Fall Weiss scenario instead i.e no campaign editor will be needed.

Axis DOW USA rule:

Axis may NOT declare war against the USA since a bug will then robb the USA of their cash handicap bonus. If Axis declares war against USA they have lost and Allies can claim the win. Why would Axis declare war against USA anyway?

To Retire notify me ASAP...Your stats will be kept if you have a long standing history...

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Don't be too hard on the Ladder system. There are many positive, The Ladder is located on this website which makes it easy for the new guys to "sign-in" & become a part. I guess a link would solve that.

It has obvious holes, but why not fix the rankings some how? Remember, every ranking system has problems. Check out NCAA College Football bowl system.

Maybe we should just adjust the current system?

88mm, if you're going to run it, do it. One of your posts gave us the opinion you didn't want to.

I will now stay out of the management part, & will give my input if asked about the rules.

Doing my job,


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Interesting site CvM. What do you think of them? I am alright at basic web design though I wouldn't mind the assistance of another as far as that is concerned.

I had the impression 88 wanted out too???

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i have a simple but vey effective in mind;

winning standard to start the ladder:

10 points a battle.

When one of the players arrives at 100 points, the new rules are going into action:

1) Winning from the Ladder-champ = 100 points

2) Winning from a Top 5 (2-5) player = 80 points

3) playing a draw against the Ladder-champ = 60 points

4) Playing a draw against a Top 5 player = 40 points

(these are all wins/draws from players ranked 6 and below)

when the ladder-champ wins, he gets a minimum of 10 point vs. any player below 5 and 20 points for beating a top 5 player.

when a Top 5 player beats the champ: 50 points and 20 for a draw. When they win against a other Top 5 player = 20 points (draw=zero)

Winning vs. lower classed players = 10 points (draw=zero)

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