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PBEM "Limit" Game: Oak (Axis) vs Amona (Allies)


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June 22

USA: 84%, USSR: 64%

- the UK has now moved all 4-5 corps around Manchester to the north.

- 2 Italian battleships bombard the Spanish corps moving towards Algiers. There was no real threat, but it provided good experience for the Italian navy.

- the Spanish corps in Balboa and Madrid are killed by a combination of German air and ground forces, although 1 Italian army helped attack Madrid. A German panzer moves into Madrid and Spain surrenders.

- Axis subs continue to raid and the UK loses 37 MPP.

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July 6

US: 88%, USSR: 68%

- an Allied bomber moves to the spot just south of Manchester. Seems that the Allies are starting to come out of hiding.

- Gibralter is bombarded and attacked by a German tank

- Axis subs continue to raid, costing the UK 29 MPP.

- at the end of the Axis turn, the US prepares for war

Note: According to Terif, Bulgaria IS affected by Spain.

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Spain neutral is only needed for Hungary and Romania. Bulgaria is only affected indirectly: if one of the both countries didnt join, then Bulgaria wont join too. But when Romania and Hungary have joined, Axis can attack Spain. Bulgaria will join.

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Thanks for the clarification, Terif.

TURN 26b, July 13, 1941

Enemy subs continue to raid. For reasons of our own, we decide not to engage subs with Royal Navy.

Gibraltar is abandoned.

The British bomber near Manchester is moved away.

US still preparing for war.

USSR readiness now 70%.

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August 3

USSR: 76%

- USSR readiness is going up very slowly, giving the Axis more time to prepare

- Yugoslav forces attacked and eliminated by air and ground assaults. 2 Italian air (still at jet tech 0) join the attack. Yugoslavia surrenders.

- a UK corps northeast of Manchester is bombed, with escort by German air. The Free French air intercepts.

- raiding in the Atlantic continues, with the UK losing 40 MPP

[ September 07, 2003, 11:26 AM: Message edited by: Oak ]

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August 17

USSR: 81%

With most of the UK fleet in the eastern Med, the Allies were probably counting on the US fleet to help out in the north. Unfortunately, the US fleet came one point short of being totally eliminated. The 2 US battleships were spotted trailing the Allied fleet as it moved north about 4-5 hexes east of Canada. They were attacked by 3 German subs and a bomber based in Brest, with one US battleship sunk and the other knocked down to 1. The bomber was intercepted by US air in Canada, but did little damage because it had no HQ support. The German subs also cost the UK 20 MPP from raiding.

In north Africa, the UK is clearly making a move on Tobruk with Allies ships swarming towards Tobruk and covering the sole UK carrier. No surprise with the move other than the fact that we were expecting it sooner.

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TURN 29b, AUGUST 24, 1941

Royal Navy in Atlantic attack the german subs. Unfortunately, five units are needed to sink a single already damaged german sub, which dives two times in the process.

Not very impressive performance.

The heavily damaged US-battleship runs for cover.

In the Med, XIII Uk corps, 1st and 2nd RAF, Ark Royal carrier and two battleships finish the italian corps east of Tobruk.

There is still an italian corps in Tobruk itself and one more southeast of the city.

Russian war readiness is at 89% and at the end of the turn, USSR prepares for war.

The enemy will do a Barbarossa any turn now.

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August 31

- the Germans lose a sub but the 2 remaining subs get their revenge by sinking a UK battleship. The Allies already limited fleet in the Atlantic is being knocked down to a size that the Axis can readily deal with ... and the Axis still has 2 subs near Canada with more heading there to help out. Also, the UK loses 13 MPP from raiding.

- the Axis declare war on Portugal. The corps in Lisbon is knocked down to 4 by 2 Italian armies and an Italian battleship.

- the Axis declare war on the USSR, and hit them hard. 6 of the Russian border armies are destroyed completely while the other 3 are hit and cut off. Odessa is isolated. Also, the Russian tank near Kiev is killed and the northern air knocked down to 7. A good start to Barbarossa, but the USSR has 1695 MPP to spend, which should help them mount a challenging defense.

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TURN 30b, September 7, 1941

-German attackwaves in Russia consist of mainly armies and corps, only 3 tank groups level 0 and are supported by 6 airfleets (limit) and two italian airfleets (limit).

- Russia tries to build a defense line with corps.

- Finland not active as of yet.

-British forces in North Africa knock down It. XXIV corps southeast of Tobruk to 4.

- In the Atlantic east of Canada, one more german sub is destroyed, remaining now one of strength 5.

Germany has now three naval units left. At least one cruiser is in the Baltic, plus the damaged sub near Canada. So we dont expect too much more subs to come soon. The enemy can still build more though.

- Lisbon corps in Portugal surrounded by 3 italian armies.

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September 21

The game is going rather slowly right now because both players are caught up in hectic real world activities.

In the west ... the sub near Canada flees to the east. The corps in Lisbon is killed and Portugal surrenders to the Italians.

In the Med ... the Italian corps next to Tobruk is reinforced. The UK fleet moves away from Tobruk, apparently heading west.

In the east ... the remaining Russian border armies are killed off and Odessa is taken. A corps near Riga is killed. The Axis are now at the Dnieper river in the south and on the outskirts of Riga in the north.

Both the Axis and the Allies seem to be going for a strategy of quantity over quality in Russia. The Axis has mostly armies and corps, but lots of them. The USSR has chosen to build LOTS of corps (we count close to 20) to create a defensive line. The additional MPP for the USSR that enabled them to build all those corps, combined with the air limits, will make things a real challenge for the Axis.

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TURN 31b, October 5, 1941

In the east, the line of corps is reinforced and repositioned. One enemy tank group has reached the west bank of the Dnjepr. No attacks are made.

Near Tobruk, the Italian corps is again knocked down to 2 by 2 british airfleets, the carrier and two british corps.

No other activity.

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October 19

All of the activity remains in the east. The Russians have formed a solid line from Riga to Rostov. The Axis pound the line to force the USSR to reinforce while also creating a small breach 2 hexes north of Minsk. 4 German air, a tank and an army kill a Russian corps and a German army fills the breach. In the south, Axis units move towards Sevestapol and also begin attacking the mine.

With all those corps, it will be a slow, hard slog for the Axis in Russia. Unfortunately, the air limits and MPP favor the Allies and time is on their side.

The 2 Italian air and 2 of the German air sit out this turn.

All is quiet in the Med.

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TURN 32b, November 2, 1941

- In the Eastern theater:

Strictly defensive strategy. No attacks made, corps reinforced and line further strengthened.

- In the Med:

one corps and one army attack italian corps near Tobruk as usual.

Fleet retreats, airfleets flew no attacks this turn.

- In the Western theater/Atlantic:

no activity.

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November 16

All quiet in the Med and Atlantic. Everything happening in the east right now.

- the Axis take Kiev, killing the corps there and just south of it with a combination of Italian & German air plus ground attacks. A German army moves into Kiev and 2 German corps move into the breach.

- Sevastopol is attacked (but no damage caused) and a German panzer crosses the isthmus to find a Free French corps just south of Rostov. We expect to find a lot more UK, Free French and even US troops as the Axis move further into the heart of Russia.

- with the USSR having patched up the breach in the north, the Axis try to create another one. Unfortunately, the Russian corps targeted for destruction holds out at strength 1 and the Russian line holds. During the attack, Russian air (at level 0 with no HQ support) intercepts German air (at level 2 with HQ support). Our guess is that the Russian air suffered badly.

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Turn 33b, November 30, 1941


The front line units are reinforced, the line is shortened east of Kiev and at Minsk.

USSR declares war on Finland.

13th army out of Leningrad and Oktyabrsaska cruiser reduce fin.Isthmus army to 6.

Fin IV.corps is knocked down to 4 north of the lake Ladoga by 1st Guards tank, 14th army and two air fleets.


1st British Bomber Command attacks Brest, encounters Bulgarian army there without inflicting damage.


8th army and XIII corps knock down italian corps east of Tobruk to 8.

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December 14, 1941

in the Med ... Italian corps east of Tobruk is reinforced. No other activity in the Med or Atlantic

in the east ...

- Finnish forces pull back to defend Helsinki. All of Russia's heavy units (the remaining tank and 2 armies) are being used in the attack on Finland)

- Sevastopol is attacked and surrounded

- the mine closest to Odessa is taken with assistance from Italian air (still at level 0)

- the Russian line is hit across its length, with many (6-7) reduced by 20-50%.

- a major breach is created in the north (mid-way between Riga and Minsk) when 2 Russian corps are killed with the help of German air. 2 German corps circle behind Russian lines, one heading north and the other south (approaching Smolensk). The German forces will soon be able to rescue their new-found Finnish allies.

- so far, the Axis are achieving their twin goals of taking at least 1 USSR resource each turn while also forcing the USSR to deal with breaches in their ever-more-fragile line.

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TURN 34b, January 11, 1942


British forces east of Tobruk retreat.


No offensive operations.


In Finland, the fin.Isthmus army is destroyed.

On the main front, the two broken through german corps are surrounded and attacked, with very limited results. The fascist invaders are knocked down to 7 and 6 respectively. Own losses in the effort are alarming.

Nevertheless, we establish the defense line again, soon to be breached again.

Where is the second front when one needs it most?

Its time for a change, otherwise we will loose the war in the east.

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February 8

- all is quiet in the Med and the Atlantic

- the 2 Italian air attack Sevestopol, as do the 3 surrounding Axis troops. The corps is only knocked down by 1. It will be slow going against the Sevestopol fortress until a German HQ can provide closer support and better supply.

- a German HQ and army are transported into Finland to help with the defense there.

- another city is taken and another major breach made. The Russian corps in Minsk is killed by German air, and the corps next to it killed by ground troops. A German corps moves behind the Russian line but is not quite able to take the mine southeast of Minsk. There is a real jumble of Axis and Russian troops now in the triangle formed by Leningrad, Riga and Minsk. It will be difficult for the USSR to restore the line and still maintain the attack in Finland.

- as anticipated, more UK and Free French troops are appearing in the USSR.

- assaults across the Russian line result in many (perhaps even most) of the Russian troops being down to between 4-8 in strength. This is also due to the unsuccessful counterattack by the Russian the previous move.

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