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  1. So ... if Germans are in the front line against Russia and Italians in the rear it won't hurt the supply levels of the German front line units but could mean that Germany is unable to build in conquered Russian cities because the direct link to the German capital has been cut by Italian-owned hexes. Is that correct?
  2. I have a question for the experts. If units from different countries but the same side (for example, Germany + Italy in Russia or USA + UK in France) are attacking together is there any negative impact on supply? For example, can Italian units cut or reduce supply lines for the Germans if both are attacking together in the USSR?
  3. Oak

    AA Tech

    So, AA tech does NOT apply to Minors but DOES apply to conquered countries. Correct? For example, if the UK conquers Ireland or Iraq then AA tech would apply to Dublin and Bagdad. Is that correct?
  4. I have a question about Anti-Aircraft tech. Does it applies to minors as well. For example, the UK starts off with level 1 AA. If a Canadian city is attacked does that city also have level 1 AA? What about Gibraltar, Malta and Alexandria?
  5. It is certainly not poor sportsmanship. This is a war and each side is looking to win. The Allies need to defend themselves. If they don't, then the Axis are certainly within their right to take it. Why should the USA be any different from any other Allied territory that the Axis is attacking?? If it is sporting to attack Egypt, Gibralter, Malta, the USSR and the UK then why shouldn't the USA be fair game?
  6. To me it is simple. If you think someone is a cheater, don't play with that person. There are lots of players out there (most, in fact) that play for the enjoyment of the game and don't cheat. I am sure there are tools that help a person to cheat and people who will use those tools. If you encounter someone that you think is cheating or using such tools, then "Just say 'No'" and don't play with them.
  7. Before you can attack a country you need to declare war on it. You declare war on a country by clicking on "War Map". You then click on the country that you want to declare war against and click on "Declare War" in the lower right hand corner.
  8. Most players use the same basic strategy and follow the same basic steps when playing Axis ... hence the reference to the "cookie cutter" strategy when playing Axis. With a cookie cutter, all the cookies have the same shape; with the 'cookie cutter Axis strategy' the order that countries are conquered and the basic approach taken is the same.
  9. I figured out the difference between the Italian Gambit and Rome Invasion Gambit from another thread.
  10. As a comment: The Rambo Rome Invasion has little or no risk, but offers a high reward. There is also no real defense. So, it should be banned. With all the other moves or actions there are disadvantages to potential counter-balance any advantages. I think it is important for players to be able to be innovative and creative in their strategies so as to make the game more interesting and challenging. There are clear risks or disadvantages (eg., increased USA or USSR readiness) associated with the Spanish Gambit, LC Gambit (especially on turn 1) and the Italian Gambit. That is why they are called 'Gambits'. If a player wants to take such a risk as part of their strategy then I think they should be allowed to do so. I think Hubert has done an excellent job of creating a balanced game that allows for creative strategies. A decision by the Allies to declare war on the Low Countries, Spain or Italy has to be weighed against the delayed entry of the USA and/or USSR, and the risk that the attack will not go as hoped or planned. Let's encourage -- rather than discourage --creativity and imagination.
  11. 1. Yes 2. No 3. No 4. No 5. No 6. No 7. No 99. No. If particular players want particular additional house rules, let them agree before the start of the game. Oak (Reid in Z-ladder and in real life)
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone explain the difference between the "Italian Gambit" and the "Rome Gambit"? I know the Gambit (a.k.a. the Rambo Rome Invasion) where Italy surrenders on the 5th or 6th turn of the Allies. From the discussions, it appears that this is the "Rome Gambit" and that there is another "Italian Gambit". What does the "Italian Gambit" involve. Oak
  13. There is no real defense for the Italian/Rome Gambit. As a result, it is widely accepted that the Italian Gambit is not allowed. Basically, it is an illegal move by the Allies. Players that want to include the Italian/Rome Gambit as an option will have a hard time finding opponents.
  14. RACK = Rambo Attack Carrier Kracker (or something very close to that). It is a strategy that involves the Axis building lots of carriers that roam the seas wrecking havoc on the Allies.
  15. The game has come to an end. The Allies have conceded defeat. The USSR is spending all its MPP on reinforcements, giving the Axis a large MPP advantage that is allowing it to build carriers and rockets in the east while also engaging in air battles in the west. We are going to play another game without an AAR and without air limits.
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