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PBEM "Limit" Game: Oak (Axis) vs Amona (Allies)


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Amona asked me to take him on in a game that incorporates some of the ideas put forth by Shaka of Carthage. This include:

Limits on air: The Axis are limited to 6 air fleets for Germany and 2 for Italy, while Allies are limited to 4 for the US, UK and USSR and 2 for France.

2 carriers replaced by battleships: 2 of the UK carriers (the Glorious and the Courageous) are replaced by battleships (named the Barham and Malaya)

Additional bomber: the UK starts off with 1 additional bomber located in Manchester

The Allies were also given additional MPP of 100 for the UK and 800 for the USSR.

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September 3, 1939

The games starts with the following Axis actions:

- DOW Denmark. The corps in Copenhagen is bombarded down to 8.

- Poland attacked. All Polish forces survive, but the 2 armies are down to 2 and 1.

- Some units moves west.

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TURN 1b, SEPTEMBER 17, 1939

Canada declares war on Germany.

Polish forces take position around Warsaw.

No other movements, at least none visible to Axis.

Not a friend of the Ireland gambit, as it delays US-entry into the war, and further hindered by the lack of the two carriers, I didnt DOW Ireland.

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October 1, 1939

- the Axis declare war on the Low Countries. Brussels falls after attacks by 3 air and a blitzing tank. An army moves into Brussels; a corps moves into the Ardennes.

- the Danish corps in Copenhagen is knocked down to 6 by bombardment and a German corps to the west.

- the 2 Polish armies are destroyed and the Germans tighten their siege of Warsaw.

- Axis subs raid in the Atlantic.

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TURN 2b, October 15, 1939

-Polish 4 corps and 1 Air in and around Warsaw, all at 50-70 % strength. Warsawcorps after attack by tankgroup at 9 strength.

- Bombercommand spots subpack U-29 south of Ireland, both Bombers and Resolution BB finish that pack.

- Fleet searching for second wolfpack, but doesnt make contact as of yet.

- US entry level 16%, USSR 41%.

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October 29

- 1 Atlantic sub headed east, got too close to the bombers and was killed. No raiding in the Atlantic this turn.

- France vacated the bottom part of the Maginot Line, apparently thinking that no German corps were within range to move in. 1 German corps moved next to the vacant spot allowing a 2nd German corps to move in. The bottom part of the Maginot Line has been destroyed.

- Danish corps in Copenhagen is attacked by 2 cruisers, 1 air and the German corps next to it. All perform poorly and the Danish corps is only knocked down to 4.

- a Polish corps next to Warsaw is killed with the other Polish forces taking hits as well.

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November 26, 1939

Italy: 70%, USA: 16%; USSR: 41%

- the Danish corps is killed. Denmark will fall next turn.

- the corps in Warsaw is killed, but no German troops are available to move in. Poland is down to a corps (str. 3) and the air fleet (str. 1). Poland will fall next turn.

- German corps are now lined up where the Maginot line used to be, facing French armies. A French army on the LC border is attack by German air, army and tank. The German troops perform badly and the French army is only knocked down to 7.

- the remaining German sub in the Atlantic continues to evade the Allied fleet, sometimes just barely.

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TURN 4b, December 10, 1939

- 4th French Army restrengthened from 7 to 10.

Still only one tankgroup and one army of Germanies heavy forces in the West. Heavy air attacks expected next turn, as german airfleets are no longer needed in Denmark.

- Modlin corps (str. 3) moves into Warsaw.

- second wolfpack still not found.

(very embarassing smile.gif )

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January 7, 1940

Italy: 70%, USA: 16%, USSR: 43%

- Denmark falls

- Polish forces are eliminated and Poland falls

- no attacks on the western Front, while German forces prepare and are reinforced

- Atlantic sub has been very lucky and has still not been found. Soon, it will be safe.

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March 3, 1940

Italy: 80%, USA: 16%, USSR: 43%

France has created a formidable defense at the LC border, with a frontline of armies backed by a row of corps. This is were the Germans have their heavy troops (an army and 2 tanks). On front where the Maginot line used to be, France has a solitary line of armies facing a row of German corps -- apparently innocent but deadly, for this is where the Axis strike and this is where the French line is breached.

The French army below the mine is killed by a combination of 4 air attacks and hits from the 2 corps next to it. Another German corps then races through the breach, cutting off the French corps next to Switzerland that forms the southern flank of the French line. Attacks are also made on other French armies, knocking 1 on the LC border down to 7 and the one on the mine down to 9.

Additional German armies and a Manstein HQ arrive at the France/Germany border.

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A little ditty being sung by the Allied navy as they move hither and thither across the vast (or, in this game, not so vast) Atlantic ocean looking for the 2nd German sub:

Oh where oh where did that little sub go?

Oh where oh where can it be?

With its strength intact yet so hard to see,

Oh where oh where can it be?

Without revealing the sub's location, I will say that it has seen at least 3 Allied ships either stop near it or move past it -- indicating that its survival is probably more luck than skill.

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TURN 6b, March 17, 1940

If Germany breaks through in the North or the South of the front, where is the difference?

French forces retreat and are assembling around Paris, still only one corps lost.

Italys war readiness still 80%.

The second German sub is nowhere to be found, probably broke through and reached the Baltic Sea.

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March 31

(No change in readiness levels)

Another French army is killed and a German corps moves within 4 hexes of Bordeaux. The Germans are making good progress in the south and east, but are only 1 hex beyond the LC border in the north. The mine is now in German hands.

The French corps in Paris, which built there last turn to replace one that moved out, is attacked by air to ensure that it does not entrench. 3 other French corps on the French line are attacked and knocked down to 7, 5 and 4 in strength.

It appears that the Allies have given up on their hunt for the sub.

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TURN 7b, April 14, 1940

Italy still only at 80% readiness.

The embarassing sub is ignored by Allied fleets.

In France, french forces remain passive, still holding a semicircle around Paris. The attacked units are reinforced.

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April 28, 1940

(Still no change in readiness levels)

The Germans are gaining experience and having a field day against the French. They kill 2 French units (a army and a corps), knocking 2 other corps down to 5 and the corps in Paris down to 8. With a German army next to Paris, Italy should enter the war soon.

While the main German force attacked the French forces east of Paris, other German corps have been moving towards the west of Paris. 1 corps is now 2 hexes southwest of Paris and 2 more are to the south. It appears that the Allies are not concerned about evacuating French units to England. It appears that the only Free French units after the fall of France will be the French air fleet, since all the French land forces appear to be defending Paris and are nearly surrounded.

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TURN 8b, MAY 12, 1940

-French forces reinforced, grouping around Paris.

4 corps at 10, one corps at 5.

- The enemy seems to have overlooked that he only killed 3 french armies, and that two are missing.

- The enemy has now 5 airfleets.

- The missing German sub - aaah, forget it... smile.gif

- Italy entered the war.

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May 26

Italy: 100%, USA: 16%, USSR: 43%

France falls. Paris was hit by 4 air, then by a corps from the west and finished off by a tank from the east. Another corps then walked into Paris. A French army waiting in Brest to be evacuated was disbanded when France surrendered. We will soon find out how much of the French fleet (none were disbanded by the Allies prior to the fall of France) survived to become Free French.

Italy enters the war and spots a UK bomber in Malta. The Italian navy heads for cover.

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TURN 9b, June 9, 1940

Free French and Royal Navy forces move into central Med, searching for Italian navy.

In the southern end of the Adriatic, an italian cruiser and a sub is encountered.

Sub evades attack by planes from Ark Royal carrier, Free French cruiser and Gloucester cruiser damage sub (down to 5).

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June 16

It seems that the Allied got lucky, and at least 2 of the French ships became Free French.

The Italian navy retaliates for the attack on their sub by attacking the Gloucester cruiser with 2 battleships. The cruiser is knocked down to 2, while the battleships take minor damage (1-2). German air fleets also appear in Sicily and southern Italy to assist the Italian navy.

Germany has reached its limit of 6 air fleets.

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TURN 10b, June 23, 1940

Intelligence reports Manstein HQ and three german airfleets in Sicily, a fourth airfleet in southern Italy.

Naval operations in the central Med are aborted and Admiral Somervilles Mediterranean fleet retreats.

No allied forces in Brest, the continent belongs to the forces of evil.

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June 30

The Allied navy withdraws from southern Italy, heading for the eastern Med. They are quickly spotted (but not surprised) near Tobruk by Italian transports arriving in northern Africa to reinforce the Italian presence there.

Another Italian transport moves next to Malta, under the cover of German air in Sicily, after the UK bomber vacates the island fortress.

Otherwise, things are fairly quiet.

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