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PBEM "Limit" Game: Oak (Axis) vs Amona (Allies)


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TURN 12b, July 21, 1940

No allied activity.

Due to German invasion of Norway, US war readiness is up to 25%, USSR is at 49%.

East of Tobruk, two Italian corps are spotted, the german airforce seen the previous turn has retreated from the libyian-egyptian border.

One German HQ was spotted landing in Norway during the assault on that neutral. Probably to aid Luftwaffe in coming invasion of Sweden.

Germany employed two airfleets in attack on Norway.

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TURN 13b, August 4, 1940

(Oaks last turn was July 28, not August 4)

In an otherwise quiet turn, BB Rodney, on escort mission for troop transports (undoubtedly for my imminent invasion of France), encountered the evasive subpack U-30.

Rodney is knocked down to 7, the sub is down to 6.

The battle took place south of Ireland.

No action as of yet in Egypt, but we expect an Axis assault soon.

Rumors about a German invasion of the kingdom itself, codenamed Sealion, are just attempts of the enemy propaganda to spread panic among british population.

Stay calm and trust in his majestys government and armed forces.


I indulged in the fine sport,

as our enemies landed,

our warships stranded,

all our troops abandoned their posts.

As I heard the evil message,

it - nearly - disturbed my game.

(I gave it a try and retranslated it from German, probably full of mistakes, but I really like it)

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August 11

The Allied navy FINALLY finds the German sub as it was trying to intercept the transports that we know are heading for Egypt. In fact, a UK army transport was spotting moving south and the sub gave chase (costing the UK 4 MPP from raiding in the process).

The UK corps from Alexandria inches a little closer to Tobrok, and is now 4 hexes away. The Italian corps furthest from Tobruk inches away from the UK corps. Both sides are playing a game of cat and mouse in northern Africa.

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TURN 14b, August 18, 1940

Royal Navy searchs for the U-30 sub and finds it again. BBs Rodney and Malaya attack, the sub is diving once. 2nd Bomber Command out of Cornwall tries to finish sub, knocks it down to 1 str.

In Northern Africa, the Italians retreated one hex west.

Entry levels unchanged, US 25%, USSR 49%.

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August 25

- German sub manages to survive, barely, and continues fleeing from the Allied fleet.

- Axis declares war on Sweden and Vichy France, and both fall in one turn. Stockholm is taken by amphibious assault by 3 armies and 1 air, with the Swedish air destroyed by 1 army coming from Norway and 1 air. The army that unloads in Stockholm knocks the 2nd Swedish army down to 3.

Marseilles is taken by combined air and tank assualt, with a German corps moving into the empty city, while Algiers is taken following an amphibious assault by 3 Italian armies and 1 Italian corps.

- More cat and mouse in north Africa.

Note: The Allies have taken the very risky approach of putting everything into Egypt. The bulk of their fleet and their only carrier, together with most of their air and land forces, are all in the eastern Med. England is virually empty, yet my failure to invade England quickly is allowing this risky strategy to success.

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TURN 15b, Sept 1, 1940

-Waiting for a Sealion. Jerries will find out how empty UK is if they try to land. :D

-Two UK corps in Egypt advancing towards Tobruk, but not making contact.

- The 1 str. U-30 ... just lets speak of something else. (Its not found after its evasion manouvre, in turn bringing my searching fleet in range of German air near Brest. This sub turns into a nightmare)

- Jerry and his italian lapdogs are busy gobbling up Minors. Therefore, US readiness is up to 53%, USSR to 57%.

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September 15

USA: 53%, USSR: 57%

- German air attack the Malaya battleship off the coast of France. The sub reaches the safety of an Axis port.

- the UK now has 2 corps on the Egypt/Libya border.

- the Italian sub starts raiding in the Med.

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October 13

- the Allied THOUGHT the Malaya had retreated out of range of German air, but does not realize that the Germans now have a bomber based in Brest. The Malaya is bombed.

- subs continue to raid in the Med.

- no other activity, at least that is visible to the Allies.

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TURN 17b, October 27, 1940

Malaya limbs away, hopefully out of range this time.

U-47 wolfpack is spotted in the channel, but with the German air presence in Brest, it seems not wise to engage with Royal Navy.

Several German units must be on transports.

Is it the Sealion we are all waiting for?

Or just the three armies returning from Sweden?

We will find out soon enough...

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November 10

The Allies have left a token force of battleships in the north to guard England, and those ships are taking a real beating. The Malaya suffered from sub and bombing attacks, and now it is the turn of the Royal Oak.

2 German air fleets in Norway (now at jet tech 2) attack the Royal Oak battleship in Scapa Flow, with a Free French air fleet intercepting. We expect that FF air fleet (at level 0 with no HQ support) must have really suffered from its interception.

The Germans now have 2 subs in the Atlantic, and Italian subs in the Med continue to raid.

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December 8

The action that the Allies have been waiting for finally arrives. With the British navy all hiding out of view of Axis air in Norway and France, German transports swarm around London and most of the German air (including bombers to reduce entrenchment) move to spots just across the channel from London.

Intelligence indicates that there are only 2 armies (one Free French and one Canadian) and 1 corps (located in London) in England together with the Free French air and a bomber.

Subs continue to raid in the Med.

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February 2, 1941

US: 57%, USSR: 57%

The UK builds at least several corps that it puts around Manchester, but leaves the south occupied by only a corps in London. The Axis decides to postpone landing troops, using the time to reposition transports and continue preparations.

Axis subs are now raiding in both the Atlantic and the Med, with the UK losing 12 MPP.

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March 16, 1941

USA: 61%; USSR: 57%

The latest version of the Strategy Guide says that the Axis are better off attacking England from the north, and taking London last rather than first. Thinking this to be sound advice, the German transports pull back from London and decide to take a different approach to the invasion of England.

Subs raid in the Atlantic and Med, and the UK loses 15 MPP.

No other activity visible to the Allies.

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TURN 21b, MARCH 30, 1941

The enemy distributes his operational plans freely for all to see. Is he so sure of his success or is this a propaganda campaign?

Intelligence reports some of his ground units were unloaded in his own territory.

Maybe a Sealion, maybe the whole operation was just a feint attack.

This possibility was there from the start.

But we couldnt ignore him.

Anyway, we will just sit and wait.

We are just yellow and not able to take the initiative from him. :eek:

Just to be sure, two corps are sent into Scotland.

No other visible activity.

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TURN 22b, APRIL 27, 1941

Unimpressed by german transport fleets sightseeing along the English coastlines, UK conducts its first major offensive of the war.

Operation "Black Gold", to secure the oilfields of Iraq for the good cause, is undertaken by ARmy group Wavell.

8th and 10th UK-armies assault the Baghdad corps, supported by 1st Bomber Command and 1st and 2nd RAF air fleets (former Coastal and Malta). The Iraquis are annihilated quickly. The Free French Syrian corps than takes Baghdad.

Iraq is converted (as Rambo likes to put it smile.gif ).

US war readiness goes down from 67 to 60 %.

Russia still at 57%.

No activity elsewhere.

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May 11, 1941

US: 62%, USSR: 57%

- usually Amona waits for the USA to join before attacking Iraq, so we are suprised by the early DOW on Iraq.

- the Allies now have a treasury of about 1,000 MPP

- Gibraltar is bombarded

- Axis subs raid in the Atlantic & Med, and the UK loses 29 MPP.

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June 8, 1941

USA: 80%, USSR: 62%

- with Bulgaria now part of the Axis, war is declared on Spain (causing a big jump in USA readiness). Italian armies invade and take Valencia by sea, with the help of 2 Italian battleships. German troops and air attack from the north, killing the 2 Spanish armies. Both Bilboa and Madrid are hit by air.

- Axis subs continue to raid in the Atlantic and Med, costing the UK 27 MPP.

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