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Rambo vs Brian: AAR


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April 27, 1941 --- London finally falls & the Italians are the only unit who could take it! I'll need to swap a German in there. HQ-Erwin made the difference to finish up London. All that is left is Monty in Manchester, a couple of corps. USA is finishes off the Italians sitting on their Texas oilwells, they won't make it in time. Brits still have a Carrier & Crusier. The Yanks have brought over to England their battleships.

And, the Russians have now entered the war. I need to get Manchester & that $1000 plunder!

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This is getting weird.

Rambo has Canada, with a corp. I can't spare anything. England is hurting.

Rambo's style is disrupted: Taking all neutrals.

The Med is wide open for him, but he has nothing to spare.

Russia is building HQ's. He didn't attack. has a line of soldiers. Aint going to work.

I don't need england anymore. They did what they had to do, and Rambo, I can tell you this now, I think you will lose. It was very very very dicey. Which is great....

Braging rights.

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Brian donates the American battleships to the Axis cause. They have been recycled to the bottom of the ocean. Yugoslavia joins the Allies. Manchester should fall next turn; 2-turns at the latest. Russia will fight Germany/Italy next. USA is worthless. No naval, no leader, & the air-unit by Manchester might buy it.

[ January 11, 2003, 11:09 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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Russian enter, Declare war on Finland. Rambo has nothing to spare. He has a line of frauds to protect him in the East. It can't hold. I buy HQ's and do not engage.

In the west, my american battleshp act like cows with bullets to their brain and simply fall over. Useless.

Rambo has not taken England yet.

Nail biter.

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This is the most awesome game....

England is conquered. USA is eunich. Russia is ready. Axis, might be able to pull this off.

I don't know if he cheats, but he's not cheating on this one. It's a nail biting thumb sprainer.

He got no neutrals yet.

This is a great game.

(and they say this goes linear. Hah! He had Canada!)

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The US is use less. Maybe they can take canada back at some point.

In the east, we are lined up. I did wipe out Finland, and Rambo's neatrals did not play. I invaded Rumania, and he can not reinforce.

Rambo had some very bad dice in this game. I will win this, even without England. And if I don't if will be a long time comming to determine the end.

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Brian disconnects..........It's Russia versus Germany/Italy. Russia stopped in Romania. Axis control the skies. Lots of fire-power.

Russia got Finland.

Brits history.

USA history.

(note: I wasn't able to access Battlefront.com for at least an hour, thought it was my time for the banishment)

[ January 12, 2003, 02:29 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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I consider this an axis win if the game should not continue. If Britain falls early enough theres no way in hell russians can help out as US probably will fall soon. Cause when US falls it´s all over.

It´s not even sure the germans will surrender if russians take Berlin.

[ January 12, 2003, 07:14 AM: Message edited by: Kuniworth ]

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Brian, I'd hate to be a Sunday Morning general

here, but I'd say that you should have held the

US back, for exactly the same reasons that Britain

held most of its assets back when it was clear

that France was toast. Then you could retake

Canada in strength (tho for all I know Rambo has

4 Italian armies there right now), slowly build

up your forces, and then spring an invasion on

his keyster somewhere where he least expects it.

And here's the problem with the "automatic" Lend-

Lease: Russia still gets it even though both of

Stalin's benefactors are toast.

John DiFool

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That's perfectly ok. The forum is here for advice and criticism. And I appreciate both.

Here's the summary:

This was a totally awesome game, in my opinion, at least.

The US should not have fallen. I played it carelessly and he took Washington when I wasn't looking.

If the US had stayed in, Russia seriously would have had a chance, even though Britain fell.

When I conceded, Russia had 3 HQ's, and was ready to commmence attacking and probably could have made some progress.

But the US did fall, and Germany and Italy against Russia is inevitable. It would only have been a matter of time.

Rambo played an excellent game (I still can't believe that Poland fell in one turn) and I have to say I saw him get some really crappy roles when it was key. France held out well and longer than I expected.

All in all, I would say it was a nail biter. Rambo would probably say everything went exactly as planned.

Rambo, I salute you. You won. And you won well. But, you didn't kick my ass. Next time, things will be different. This was close.

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