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Rambo vs Brian: AAR


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It is June 23.

Rambo did not quite manage to take Paris. He pounded, but got bad rolls. (I arranged this with Hubert in advance, kidding). France is holding longer than I expected. He moved up his air fleets this turn, and there is nothing to stop him.

I anticipate he will attempt Norway next turn and expect Sealion. It won't work, though.

He did it to me before, long ago, and I am waiting. He can't take the Med, because he lost too much Italian navy. 1 fleet, 1 sub, down. The three other fleets are bruised.

Denmark really did help me witha few extra brit mmps. Proud my danish folks.

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France fell. They fought well. The gambit went poorly, and they lasted until July. All that was left was a 9 point corp next to Paris and a 3 point army in the maginot. Not bad.

I hold Brest. Buying time. And I need to buy a lot of time.

His nasty fat hobbit planes attacked one of my air fleets and wiped it out.

Now comes the battle of Britain.

Still, though, Rambo has not charged all of the neutrals. And he might not, with readiness so screwed up.

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For an Panzer Armee? Depends how wounded the Royal British fleet is? Does he go North? Pushing the Swedes and Russians/US closer to the brink? I think he'll go south if not across the 20 mile channel...and not piss of foreign powers

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